5 days till Santa Comes!

December 20th, 2017, As Santa prepares the bundles he must carry, for all the good boys and girls out there, we tend to begin to think about what we are getting and from who!

In all truth folks, the biggest things about the christmas and New Year’s Holidays are not what we get as presents, gifts or toys, it really is family and giving of ourselves to others!.

I don’t have a fortune to give presents left and right, except for my wife is all. I give her presents everyday in small ways, I wash the dishes, I clean up after her cats, I cook for her, I clean the house and bathrooms, I help her medicate herself against her cancer I stand by and help her shower and clean herself. I do the shopping and let her buy what she wants most daily and for the holidays. Yes life is not perfect we have our faults, and arguments like any other couple out there, but one thing we do not do is go to bed mad or hold a grudge against one another.

I am blessed each day to have my wife and I am not foolish enough not to admit it. I loved her when I met her in 1992, and will till the day I die. I will never meet another woman, like her, she is intelligent, has a sense of humor and a personality most folks love. We discuss everything, we tell truths and never have to lie. She is my rock, and she suffers more than I each day with Breast Cancer turned to Bone Cancer. Many days I wonder how she keeps going and worry whether she will wake up the next day and i am thankful when she does get up.

Christmas is a time and season for counting your blessings folks, not what you get as presents, but what you give  to those you love most. So remember to give with your heart, and mind and spirit to those you love during the Christmas Season!

A few years ago I sat down at my computer around this time of year, and wondered what kind of a Christmas Story I could write to inspire others, to think like I do of this Season and Holiday.

I found the words flowing one day and the result was a four page little story, that tells in it’s own way and mine, what to me is the real important factor of the Season. I ended up calling it The Importance of Christmas, it may be a tale you want to share with the children in your world and lives.

IT shows and proves some very great facts about the facts of the Holiday and Family. Enjoy for it is free on Amazon E-books till Christmas Eve! Yes Free, Happy Holidays Folks!

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