December 26th, 2017/ New Years is Coming!

Christmas Eve was spent with my sister and her boyfriend. We had dinner and opened presents and talked and laughed all night long and came home by 11 pm.

Christmas Day was at my step-daughter’s home with her and her twins and a friend. We had dinner and exchanged gifts and talked about politics, history, books, science and television and movies. The two teenagers were happy with the gifts they received and that was the important thing to all of us adults.

Of course like always, I miss my daughters and have since April 14th, 1990 when I left them behind with their mother. To me, the Holidays have never been the same without them and it never will but I try to make the best of it all, for my wife and everyone else we see.

Life shall go on is what I always think during the Holidays, and I carry on like nothing’s wrong but deep inside I cry to myself because I miss my daughters. I cover the pain and smile and laugh and chat like nothing is wrong but inside it eats me alive.

In the meantime Melinda’s condition of bone cancer from breast cancer continues and we prepare for her blood draws today and then seeing her Doctor and getting her shot on Thursday to keep her going. Each day is a watch for me in this way, for I watch her closely, and make sure she is ok, make sure she rests and takes her pills and of course do all I can for her.

Now, we are through Christmas and the music and laughters is done and it is back to normal everyday functions and life. Next comes New Years, which we will spend with her sister and her husband as promised because that is what she wants most of all and it matters not to me where I spend it as long as it is with her and she is ok.

2018 will bring changes I am sure, what they will be, is hard to imagine, for I know Melinda, has said it may be her last Christmas this year and it worries me, to hear her say that for I believe she may be surrendering some now. But, I take it one day at a time and hope each morning she wakes up to be with me is all I can do.

As of 2018, it has been 25 years Melinda and i have been together and taking care of one another, age means nothing to me and she is the best part of my life period. She was there to help me after my divorce and I was there when times were rough for her too. We helped one another through cancers and financial measses and more, to build a home and pay it off and to live in peace. God Bless Her is all I can say.

2018 is coming fast and we are stuck with an assine President who is a megalomaniac, narcissist, who has no empathy for anyone and does care about the elderly, ill or anyone else except his own rich perverted ass. He destroyed this country in so many ways already and is doing it more each day.  Hopefully COngress will get their shit in one sock and Impeach or remove him under the 25th Amendment. He has killed OBamacare and many like my wife will not get the help they need due to his ass. But we will survive the best we can and keep her going as long as we can. It’s not easy living on Military Disability Pay and social Security checks month to month, but we do it.

I just pray 2018 will be a better year than 2017 has been for us and other poor or average lower income Americans out here.

                                                                        I send my Best Wishes to all for a

                                                                        Happy New Year 2018


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