December 29th, 2017 two days left!

Two days to go in 2017, and it seems our President who has not accomplished one damn thing worth while, complains and denies the truth in the news and in his own life. He decries and complains the news is unfair to him and his people, in fact that is the furthest from the truth. He knows it too but wishes to stay clear of the oncoming onslaught or collusion and obstruction of justice coming at him. He knows he is guilty of both, but he will deny it till the day he dies for sure, for that is what a mentally ill and incompetent individual does. Look at Richard Nixon, he denied and avoided and evaded till he died and so will Trump. it the way megalomaniac and narcissistic individuals work. I fit doesn’t fit their nice little picture of the world or play to them, they deny, evade and avoid and distract with lies and false statements. This is what Donald Trump does best.

So, i am about to say what he fears and will dislike most. 1) You protest and deflect and avoid the collusion charges too much. You know you guilty of them, and that russian money got you into office and you know if you admit it or it is proven, you will be labeled a traitor to your own country, and treason is in America punishable by hanging. 2) You Obstruct Justice everyday in your own little ways, you threaten to fire the Special Prosecutor, and stop the investigation. You talk of Pardons for Manafort, Flynn and Gates like you haven’t even thought about it, but you have and will probably Pardon them all if you can, to stop the truth from coming out. Sadly, that will lead to more Impeachment Charges against you. You are caught in a sad position and are a weak and useless President really, you will never accomplish much, for no one can trust or respect you. not the people or politicians that have to work around you. Sadly, no one can respect a man who Obstructs Justice, hides behind lies and colludes with an enemy of his own country. Like Benedict  Arnold in the revolutionary Days you have sold your country to a enemy and are indeed a traitor. Putin’s Puppet in America is who you are and sadly the American People are taking a period of time to realize it. Slowly you are selling America out.

As we end 2017 and look forward to 2018 Americans, we must deal with the facts and work overtime to remove President Trump from Office, is we don’t he will continue to withdraw us from the world stage, isolate us and continue to do Putin’s bidding. Russia grows in power each day because America is being withdrawn from the world stage by Trump. Putin expands his power and reach and America sits back and says nothing at all about Russia, wonder why. it’s easy, Trump owes his election to the Presidency to Putin and Russia is why! How did the russians know how to target key districts and states in the Blur Belt of the Democrats if Trump’s team didn’t tell them where to place their ads? What business did DOnald Trump Junior and Manafort and Roger Stone and Gates and other shave in contacting the Russians and talking in private with them in Trump Tower? You Tell me?

Why does an American President do nothing to stop Russian Expansions and shows of military might around the world? The Russians expand territories and trump says nothing, they threaten American Planes and ships and buzz them, but no response is given from America or The White House why? Simple folks, Trump belongs to Putin and Russia, he was paid and bought by them and it is how he was elected period.  I know many will yell bullshit at what I am saying and I will not be surprised to hear it, but answer the whys to all the about with better answers for me, then!

As 2017 ends in two days, Americans must wake up in 2018 and realize they are being sold out by their own President and Impeach or remove him from office in any way they can. many fear Mike Pence if Trump is forced to resign, or is impeached or removed by the 25th Amendment, I don’t. Because in fact as it goes now once trump is removed and replaced by Pence, Pence will be powerless also, because Congress will turn blue again in 2018. So he will be stalemated also if he gets the office.

Are there really people stupid enough to vote republican in 2018 and let them control the country further? I hope not, but time shall tell for sure now.  The poor wil pay more taxes now and the rich will get richer including Trump, sadly million more Americans will not have health care and the republicans want to target Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security in 2018, do you want to let them take them away and reduce them?

Final word from me for 2017, We the American People must protect our own selves, our country and the American Values or we will lose them folks. wake up America, fight back do something or be overrun and controlled by Russian Puppets and russian ways! 2017 brought us a Russian Puppet as a President and we the American People should now realize what is coming and run Trump out of Office in anyway we can, or lose our rights and ways.



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