December 30th, 2017, He Protests too much, methinks!

Over the past few days we have heard Donald J. Trump deny collusion with the Russians at least 16 times, maybe two dozen, or more. Methinks he protests too much and denys too much also. Why worry about it unless you did it, or had something to do with it? He is the President is he not, so why bother with all these denials unless, you have to,  because of a guilty consequence. many question come to mind for me on this collusion charge and one is very vital to the solution of it all and finding the truth. Where exactly did the Russians get the information to target key cities, districts and states in America, with the propaganda and ads and tweets and FaceBook Ads they did? How would they know where the Democratic Blue Belt was or is? Who told them where to spend their money for the ads they placed? Interesting question isn’t it, it would have to have been a member of Trump’s campaign staff or his family who gave that information out to the russians, no doubt in my mind for sure. We all also know for a fact no decision or action in that campaign, happened or was allowed without Donald J. Trump giving it permission to happen, he has said that and so did Manafort, Donald Trump JR. Roger Stone, and Jared Kushner too!.  Interesting question isn’t it folks and something that Special Prosecutor Mueller should definitely look into you ask me.

Then someone should also look into the many ways Trump has committed Obstruction of Justice since his election.  Sally Yates’s firing, James Comey’s Firing,  for starters, shouldn’t all Americans know why it was done and who he was trying to protect. What about his waving Pardons in the air for Manafort, Gates and Flynn, he has done them, but he is sure holding them out there, to prevent them from talking fully, isn’t he!.  Sadly, we all know the only way Trump was elected and won the Electoral College vote is simply money and plenty of it was Russian. This man sits in office as Putin makes power moves all over the world and says not a thing bad about America’s greatest nemesis, sad isn’t it?  Why is that folks, why, does he not attack Russia, and why does he defend them and Putin left and right?  I remind all of you of the American revolution, and a man named Benedict Arnold who colluded with the British, and ended up labeled a traitor to America and had to live in England till his death. For if Arnold had returned to America he would have been hung by America and George Washington. I remind all that colluding with the enemy if a traitorous act and under American Law and Justice and punishable by hanging till death. Of course we are a modern America now and we would not stoop to hanging, but we sure can in prison him and all who helped his to do it, can’t we.

Mr. Trump is a megalomaniacal, narcissist, and that is a very dangerous person to have within his fingertips the button and codes of the the Nuke Arsenal of America is  it not?   How long can Americans allow this man in his mental state and with the personality flaws he has to run this country and survive?  he withdraws us from treaties we should be leading isolating us from the world. He wants to build walls and stop immigration which is what built this country in the first place.  he promises new jobs and does not produce them, now he has gone ahead and altered and changed the tax laws to benefit himself, his family and his rich friends.  Yet 3 percent of Americans still back this man and believe in him as their President why? I remind you all though that 35 percent of Americans is not the majority, almost two thirds of Americans believe he is dangerous and not their President. yet he still says he can be reelected in 2020 and that the American Press which he is trying to destroy and shut down, will die if they don’t have him in office to talk and write about. Sad isn’t it, for it is the same ploy and discussions Putin uses in Russia to keep power too.  he says he can do whatever he wants with The Justice Department, hmm sounds like a russian thing to me, for that is what Putin does too. Sad isn’t it, when it takes Americans over a year to realize they actually elected a Russian PUppet to the American Presidency!

There are few options left for concerned Americans as Trump hammers the news media in all ways to stop them from revealing the truths out there. In The end Americans, should now realize Trump doesn’t care about you or me in the middle class to the lower class in America, what he cares about is his rich friends and himself. He has killed people’s healthcare by destroying Obamacare, he wants to tackle and take apart Social Security Medicaid and Medicare, leaving many Americans with nothing for healthcare or anything to survive on. Wake up folks it’s about to get a lot worse in 2018. The rich get richer the poor get poorer and no one who is a Republican cares, they just party on, rich as hell.

Two main option remain for the American People to rid themselves of Trump. 1) Impeach Trump for Obstruction of Justice and Collusion. 2) Remove him by way of a mental deficiency under the 25th Amendment, as being unstable and destructive to the Government and The People. If no action is taken, he will drive us into a war with  North Korea, or another nation, he has no diplomatic skills, and he ties the hands of the State Department at every turn.  Sadly he will continue to isolate us from the world more, leaving us ultimately with no allies in the world. America is not an island unto itself, nor can we survive without interaction with the rest of the world, nor can we continue to stop lead, we must lead or the world will fall into communist hands for sure. Americans must come together to survive and help the world survive also.






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