Life is choices, We all make them!

Life is choices and what many need to remember is, before you act on them, make sure they are what you really want to do and need. If not you end up in unhappy situations and positions and struggle to get back to your own comfort zone.

For instance, choices are made in relationships everyday out there/ Job Choices, relationships choice, lifestyle choices all come into play, for each and every person alive. Don’t make your choices based on what someone else says you need, or listen to others, make your choices on your own emotions and needs and for what is best for yourself. decisions, should be made thinking of your own needs, wants, desires and what you can live with. If you do it to please someone else, you won’t be happy in the long run and it will affect your emotional and mental stability in the end and drive your life in the wrong direction and corrections are harder to make as you age. I see too many unhappy and sad people in life who want things other than they have for themselves, but have made the wrong decisions and got locked in. Believe it or not choices must be made at young ages , and a child or teenager should be guided by an adult to make the right ones.

That said, it bring me to our current President and  the choice he made to run and get the office. he didn’t realize he would actually win as he said himself and so did his team. Sadly he won and now we are stuck with a President who has no idea what the hell he is doing, who is illiterate and can’t even understand the Constitution or Bill of Rights. he plays mind games with people in the government and internationally. Now America is suffering because he ran and won, and those who voted for him try hard to deny they did.  Sadly, we all know he didn’t win the popular vote in America and the Russians and their money helped him win the Electoral College. We are being run  by a man bought and put in place by the russians who bought him, he should be impeached in my opinion.

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