Americans need to Listen! Congress Listen!

Americans really didn’t want DOnald J. Trump as their President in the 2016 Presidential Election, they just feared Hillary Clinton is all and they let their fears of what she may have wanted to do, drive them to elect the worst President in American History Period. We are now, stuck with a man, who should be removed from the position for more reasons than we can count.

He has spent one third of his first year in Office on the Golf COurses he has built, he has alienated us from the world and isolated us from the world also. Even our greatest ally, Great Britain  does want him in their country, he is too divisive, unempathic, assine and a narcissist.

He is a racist slimeball, hiding behind daily lies, each day he is in office. He lies to the American people and the world, he antagonizes other countries and their leaders and puts us on the brink or war each day with his mouth, he has no self control whatsoever!. He claims he is creating jobs, he hasn’t, he wants to build a wall between us and Mexico where one has never been needed in over 230 years and he wants the American taxpayers to pay for it all, just so he can have his way. He has no intention of allowing the Daca people to stay in America and he is just using them as a bargaining chip to try to get his way and his wall.  It is sad indeed!

He calls African nations and other shithole, or shithouse countries and tries to say he didn’t say it, he is lying again folks he said it. Sadly, this man insults, blacks, hispanics, asians and every other race o the planet that he can, and he then denies he is racist, that is crap.

In closing this blog today, I have a suggestion for COngress, both, Houses, get together, and hold meetings to discuss the fitness of your President and you will find he is off balanced, unable to conduct his position as President properly. You as our Congress, need to realize just how bad he really is. Your in Congress as a Senator or Representative, elected to Represent those of us who voted for you, don’t you think it’s time you do something to protect our Democracy from a rogue President with no social skills before he drags us to a low level we can never recover from?

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