NFL Conference Championships Coming UP!

The National Football League is in its Conference Championship weekend coming up and it seems to me, they are either setting up the New England Patriots for a return for a 5th Championship and Super Bowl Victory or some teams will have to play far above their levels to get the Super Bowl Victory. Sadly, New England has run the Gambit and won many Super Bowls and they have many rings and trophies, I don’t say they are doing anything illegal or wrong just that their constant winning is not good for the League or the fans.

As we get read to watch the Jacksonville Jaguars come to New England to play for the AFC Championship we also realize the odds are against then beating the New England Patriots. Yes Jacksonville does have a great defensive unit and Blake Bortles did perform well in their last game against the Steelers. Scoring 45 points against Pittsburgh’s vaunted defense was a job well done, but New England is a different dog fight for sure. To beat the New England Patriots, Jacksonville will need to score another 45 points and keep Tom Brady off the field for most of the game. Possession will be key if Jacksonville wants to go to the Super Bowl and New England and Brady do not need a lot of time to score. I would love to say Jacksonville has a chance at the Super Bowl, just t see another team play in it that is up and coming, but the New England Patriots are the cream of the crop so to speak.  So Good Luck to the JacksonVille Jaguars in their fight to get to the Super Bowl, My Prediction New England by 21 points.

The NFC Championship game in Philadelphia is a totally different story, The Eagles starting Quarterback Nick Foles is a Journeyman, just like the Vikings Quarterback Case Keenum. The battle will be a defensive one and the one team that can stifle the others running game should win. The passing game will probably not be a big factor here, but if it is, I would suggest Keenum and the Vikings may have the edge in that department. This will be a knock down, drag out game of defenses, and running games mainly for without a run game by either team, no passing game will come up or out. I admire The Vikings and their grit and determination and believe they deserve a chance at a Super Bowl title. Time will tell though, because of the Vikings Miracle Play in Minnesota, the question really is how much luck is left in their ship so to say. The Eagle area tough hard team that are physical and ready to play and they are just as hungry.  In the end how would I pick this game, well here is my thought—- Vikings 24, Eagles 14 for an ending! But I must admit if the Vikings don’t play all out here it can go the other way quickly, it will depend on ball possession and defense.


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