Super Bowl/ Government Shut Down/ Republicans are at Fault!

Well I suck at predicting Super Bowl teams that’s for sure. Congratulations to the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles for making it to the Superbowl. It should make an interesting contest is both teams play up to their potential. Both have good offenses and defences too. Brady gives the advantage to New England with his experience at winning Super Bowls and playoff games. The Eagles will be the underdog one more time, trying to overcome an impossible foe to beat easily at least. I wish both teams the best in it, and was sad to see Minnesota play so lousy. I never thought the Vikings would just lay down and die like they did, obviously they were not the team I thought they were or could be, sadly as one of their biggest fans since i was a child. But the fates have control, not I, and yes I am not a great predictor of football game outcomes.

Next is what I call the Trump Shutdown of our American Government. As many Americans who served their country are now finding, new claims against the Military And Government are being denied now. Social Security checks for the elderly and unhealthy are going through, but may be stopped if this shutdown goes on too long. Many Americans and those wanting to be Americans under Daca are about to be deported for no reason other than the President doesn’t care about saving them, it’s sad indeed. As the American Government is at a stand still, the rest of the world barrel ahead watching us look like fools. Sad isn’t it, we have an American President who is like a spoiled child who wants what he wants and that’s it, screw anyone else~ Sad very Sad!

He used Russian money and help to win the Presidency, ignores American laws and colluded with Russia and he gets away with it, because Congress, both sides, Senate and House are scared of him and taking him on to remove him from office. Americans are chickens especially our representatives in the house and Senate, you would think after all Trump put us through in the last year, they would finally stand up to him! yet, they are scared of him and take no action, allowing him to shut down the Government over illegal immigration and a stupid wall no one needs. The Daca participants who came here to get citizenship and work for  their future, are now being shipped out at a rate of over a thousand per day. Sad isn’t it? Answer me this Mr. Trump what did these Daca people do to you or America, that you want them gone so badly?

As that continues now and Trump claims an economy that really is not his, but is the result of Obama’s Presidency, we have to wonder just what the hell the Golfer in The White House is doing other than watching Fox News and MSNBC.  He is taking trips to his country clubs and golf courses at American Expense and doing nothing but golfing his life away!. It’s a sad time for all America as the worst President ever elected messes up the country and the world by isolating America from it, it is sad as hell.

I have one thing to say to the Republicans, You own the Senate Majority, The House Majority and The Speaker position and the White House, yet you can’t get one damn thing done like pass a budget all  I can say is, Your One Sad Political Party you GOPers.




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