Age/ Super Bowl/ Second Life/ Final Say

Ok, now I am beginning to feel a lil old, lol will be 62 in a few days, on the 25th. Yet I don’t feel it except when I get sick or ill. So is probably a good sign for me.  Age is a matter of spirit methinks, ya only feel old if ya let the mind waste away and don’t move or do anything physically. Just my opinion is all! It’s all in the spirit and energy of the day and life itself.

Well the Super Bowl is now set Patriots and Eagles! I know many will say the Eagles have no shot, Brady and The Patriots are too much right? Well, they said the same of Atlanta and Minnesota too and look what happened to them! I do tire of the same team winning every year in the NFL, I am a New England  person living in Connecticut and don’t get me wrong, I think the Patriots are great, but it is boring when you know the outcome every year isn’t it? Besides I know I will never have enough money to attend a game anyway so I watch like everyone else on TV.

Next subject I have many friends online in a program called Second Life many are in the dating mode and single, or searching for kinky partners so to say. They explore Adult Sites in Second Life and elsewhere, such as Bondage,com, and more. All seeking more than what they have in their current lives or relationships and just trying to find a match. I have some advice for all of them these days, be yourself, have fun, enjoy life and do what you do, and in real life and in Second Life you will find a match somewhere, be yourself is all!

As 2018 rolls along and I get older I understand many different kind of people and their lifestyles, for over my lifetime I have lived some of them. Yet let me make this clear there is a time and place for everything, including fun and games sexually. It is up to each adult to make sure, they know what they are doing and they are not taking chances with their own well being or the well being of anyone else, be mature, be an adult and do what you want, just be careful and don’t wreck your real life relationships over silly online ones. ok!







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