A Change is Coming!

I am now 62 years old and I think I have lived a decent life in many ways, yet I have made many mistakes and taken some wrong turns, yet ended up in a good place today. I am getting older each day and night and feeling my humanity and mortality catching up with me in many ways.

I have used this blog many times to speak out on Politics, Lifestyles, The NFL Football Games and League. I have used it to write poems, stories and more and always enjoyed what I do. I use  Second Life also and talk about it in my blogs as well as Twitter, Skype, Facebook and other Social Media Applications. Yet, I am growing older and learning as i do, that, how you use these applications and how you live your life is what many need to learn about.

I can do the old what came first speech here about the chicken or the egg, but for my purposes, I believe we need to start when a child is born and go from there. Need I remind all adults at this point, the child you are bringing into the world did not ask to be born, nor is it in control of the environment you bring it into. The environment is provided by you as the parents and the child has no choice, we are helpless at birth, and as young children and we all  depend on the parents that raise us to do it correctly so we can have a future that is worth something. Parents need to realize that the birth of a child is not only a gift, it is a major responsibility. What that helpless child learns depends on you, it depends on your actions, your reactions, your words and you treatment of it and all around it, to learn to survive in society in the world. Don’t makes mistakes with that child by screaming, fighting, arguing, or being violent around it.

Teach your children from the day they are born to accept others, be respectful of others, not to lie, cheat or steal, not to be physically or mentally abusive. Feed them properly show them how to clean themselves, how to have decent oral hygiene and take care of themselves. Then teach them communication, make sure the language you show them and teach them works to convey ideas, thoughts and  feelings they have properly. make sure they can control their own emotions and know how to react when shown emotions too. all of these things are vital to a child’s well being and their growing up to fit into society as a whole.

Advice for those parents who can not handle a child ,is here also for all to see, please listen to me. If you have a child who is handicapped, emotionally damaged, Autistic or has any disability at all, seek help, and find it for them and yourself please, for the frustrations of not being able to handle it will cause you to abuse the child, don’t do it please!

As I grow older, I would like to think, I can help others overcome problems they have in some matter, means or way, so i will be turning this Blog into an Advice Blog, from now on and taking questions if you wish to ask them. As I do so, I want to make sure anyone who may ask me a question will understand, I am not a Doctor of any kind, and I can only advise you from a personal stand point of what I have lived through ok. So if you ask me a question and ask for advise, and I don’t believe I can help you because a Doctor should be helping you, I will tell you so. I will not cross the line into medical advice, be it mental or physical. You have to see a real Medical specialist for those things just as I have to.

That said  and done and over with for now, let me say this, life has many crossroads and different avenues and ways it can go, the choices you make in it are vital for you, your children, your relationship and your overall well being and life. If you have a question for me please feel free to reply and ask it hereon the Blog site as a comment/question.

I can say this for those out there confused about who they are, I  am not a Doctor but a man who has lived a decent life and experienced many things. If I can help you I will, it’s doesn’t matter to me if you are straight, gay, bi-sexual, or anything else.  If you live in a lifestyle of BDSm, or D/s or another and need advice I may be able to help you. I will advise on the basis only of my own personal life and what I have survived and lived and overcome, to get to my 62 year old self. The best advice I have for all out there is this. be yourself, enjoy life, do what makes you happy and don’t bother chasing anyone else for anything, be yourself and someone will find you doing what you like best. Don’t change os rearrange, or try to be what you are not, be you and live well and what is fate and destiny will find you!


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