Experience counts, don’t rush in!

I listened to many people over the years of my life starting with my parents of course like everyone I know has theirs. yet in the end wa sittheir advice that set me on the path that made me, me? No sorry it wasn’t while they did do the primary job of raising me to a point, they failed in different areas like all parents do, so what does a kid do to get the truth and find what he or she is missing at home, they do what I did and find surrogate parents they use to help them along in life.

What are surrogate parents right is what many may ask, they are the parents of others who who kinda of adopt as a second parents to guide you along in your development. There are times when, you have to grow and learn and find what you can not get at home from your own parents from someone different, it is what made me , me really. I had many surrogate parents over my teenage years, some who were very good for me and told truth, others that bullshitted me and made me learn the hard way and still others who didn’t realize they were surrogates to me, and maybe did the best job of all.

Guidance and help comes in many forms in life as your growing up and many don’t realize they are doing so when they are. Some parents stop raising their own children and let them run and do as they please and these children become animals in a  world and hurt others, because they are ignored at home. I could have been one of those children really for I was put away by my parents for two years on the grounds I was emotionally unstable. I wonder if they realized at any point, since they were the ones responsible for raising me, they were also the ones who caused the emotional instability they put me away for. Yep, they never thought twice about it, i know because i came home in the end and learned to ignore and avoid them and go to other homes to find what I needed without being wrecked. In the end I out did both my parents, I became a man who served his country for 16 years and a disabled veteran, and I became a man with a Degree and a Manager for Hotels. I also became a writer and wrote many poems, short stories and blogs, I love music so I also became a Disc Jockey on the Internet.

I became an Uncle to kids of my friends, and have lifetime friends of over 40 years now.  I am married twice now, the first marriage did not end due to me, it was her and her father who did that one. I didn’t and couldn’t solve her problem for her, by staying so I left, making a mistake and leaving my two daughters with her. I have never said I wa sperfect, but over the years, I worked hard at getting back to my daughters to let them know e and vice versa. I also met all my grandchildren and have two extra grandchildren through my second marriage. So I think I have done ok in my life, I have outlived the time my parents spent on this planet, my real father died at 55, my mother and stepfather died at 60 and 59 respectfully all cancer victims.

My second wife is a cancer victim twice over and a survivor and so am I at 62 now. Yet in the end the experiences one lives through is what makes you who you are most of all, ever forget that folks. If you are at a crossroads or a point in life where a major decision is upon you, and you are unsure of what to do, stop, think about all you have been through and then make you decision, if your still a little ify on the matter, then return to the ones you trust most to discuss it and then decide, never rush in.

In The end remember what a wise man said once, Only Fools Rush IN, don’t!



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