Education Talk and Lessons

As we age we learn lessons in life, sometimes the hard way sometimes the easy way, but there are lessons to be learned for all of us. I went through my lessons as I grew in Grammar School and High School days and learned a few things few still don’t get in their older ages.

One, know when to stay out of others business, mind your own and no matter what someone else does, don’t go along with them. They can lead you astray and into trouble especially when your young so stay in the boundaries of what your parents are teaching you at home. I say this because I have seen where the basic teaching of a family were ignored or rebelled against and I have seen children end up locked away, or become drugs addicts and worse. Listen kids, I know it’s rough to be under the thumb of parents and have to live by their rules, but do yourself a favor listen to those rules, your parents taught them to you for good reason.

Teenage years, really start in the final two years of Grammar School when you hit 13 and continue until you reach 18 and hit the world as a full you. They can be the most dangerous years of your life, so many temptations are put in front of you and how you choose to try or ignore them is vital to making adulthood and living a life of normalcy in society.  Make good choices, don’t cross the legal line, don’t go to drugs, if you depressed, shunned by other kids, put down, or anything else talk to your parents seek help, don’t let bullies, determine your life for you, fight back the smart way.  Don’t fall in with the crowd that wants to be cool and try drugs or alcohol kids, because it will ruin your life fast. Please heed my warning and your parents should be telling you this too, for it is vital to making your life and you worth something in a society that is quick to judge those who make mistakes. So Please don’t go the wrong roads, stay in school, finish High School, get an education and while your at at go for College be the best you you can. Education will always be a part of your life  is you let it be.

I know these lessons and things because I lived them and overcame them, You shouldn’t do what I did so I warn you here and now don’t. I made the mistake of letting others distract me from my education and lost my way and dropped out of High School in my Junior year. I had to overcome, because jobs were not there for high school dropouts, so I did what I had to to survive, I joined the Military, after I had to go back and get GED Diploma. Wasn’t easy at all but I did it because I needed to and you will too if you drop out, so don’t!

Thanks to Military Experience and lessons I overcame and ended up back in College at 40 years old and got an Associates Degree which led me to Management Jobs and decent money. SO believe me when I say this, stay in School kids, life will kick your ass and hurt you without a degree or education, even with one it is rough. Life doesn’t care about you or me folks, it is what you work to make it, if you want a decent one, get an Education Period!



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