Linden Lab’s Second Life Online Game

Virtual reality systems and headgear are expensive to buy and many give people motion sickness. Then you have online Virtual World such as Second Life, where you create a profile, and then create an Avatar, and you can roam the different sims and have fun meeting others doing the same. There is Music, Concerts and stores, adventures in other countries, and so much more from the quiet places to explore to the sexual filled adventures too. Second Life has taken people to places to explore the world, yes even cooking, shopping, creating and sex. IT is really an amazing platform, put together on servers, that allows the user to build and create whatever they wish to, to attract others to play with them.

Some basic facts though are this, you need a job or  way to pay for avatar bodies and heads and clothes in Second Life, most I know do one of the following: 1) Create and sell clothes or items people want in Second Life, through the Marketplace or Stores of their own they create. 2) Dance on poles or in clubs for lindens 3) Host Games approved in Second Life, or 4) DJ Music for events held in clubs in Second Life. THis way you can gather lindens and improve your avatar and clothing and buy items made by other sin Second Life like MotorCycles, Boats, cars, homes or pay for a sim of your own you can rent or buy. Second Life allows those who are injured, handicapped or mentally unstable a place to play and feel at home also. For you don’t have to be Mr. or Mrs, or Miss Perfect in this world online, you just have to be you, no one really cares. That is the idea of Second Life, but the most important thing about Second Life to remember for all who play in it or if you want to say on it, is this, Second Life is a play world folks, please remember, never destroy your real life over a Second LIfe Adventure. Your family, your children, your marriages, and real life relationships are more important period.

Many tend to get lost in Second Life and take it too serious, because they have run into someone they find attractive or fun in an area they are looking for. Remember, it’sa game folks, a platform for fun, adventure and yes for some romance and sex too, but it’s not real. Don’t put your  real life on hold for a Second Life Adventure or Second lIfe Romance or anything in Second Life. It is just like people playing X_box, or playstation, or any other gaming platform, a game.

I have heard women crying over losing someone in Second Life, men fighting over women in Second Life, who they have no idea who they really are. Listen closely folks, the avatars you see in Second Life, are not the same as the real person behind them. Always remember when playing in Second LIfe there are real people behind the avatars, some taking it alot more serious then you might, for they have small or no real life relationships to go back to, don’t be a fool and ruin your real life for an imaginary Second Life one ok!

People build sims in Second Life for Musical Clubs, Sex Clubs, Stores, Theme Parks or virtually exploring countries. I have seen Paris, England, Spain, Barcelona and other countries rebuilt in Second life to explore. Ships, cars, motorcycles, racing tracks and so much more.The fun part is making them and showing them off if your into the programing and building tactics and styles in the program. It is all an adventure and for fun folks, please, please listen to me, as absorbing, and addictive as Second lIfe can be don’t get so caught up in it that it ruins your real life, family, marriage, relationship or it makes you ignore your spouse,boyfriend, girlfriend, children or health. I like Second Life for the music it’s clubs, and it’s adventures I openly admit that, but I also, stop immediately when real life, is needs attention, don’t stop real life and hide in Second Life folks, if you do, you are staring down a road of depressions, misery, pain, hurt and who knows where that can lead you too, some may even commit suicide over it. It’s sad to see and hear, but it does happen, whether Linden Labs know sit or cares well that is something I can not say.

Second Life is an adventure game, made for fun, please don’t take it so seriously that you forget there is a real world when you shut down your computer! Be Careful, and don’t wear your heart, and soul on your sleeve in Second Life, take care. Reality is what counts not an imaginary world where anyone can be anything or anyone they want, reality is the most important thing for all who live, remember that Please!


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