Mark My Words

I like many Americans last night did not watch President Trump’s State of The Union Address, because to me it is not the state of the people’s union her was elected to further and protect that he was speaking about, but his own Union with his billionaire and millionaire friends out there. He has no intention of helping the middle or lower class with his tax breaks or plans for immigration, or his wanting to slash Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid thats for sure.

His way of protecting America is to build a wall on our southern border to keep out Mexicans, who we haven’t needed a wall against in over 213 years now. He Angers and attacks the North Korean President constantly, antagonizing him in any way he can, and trying to intimidate him. Then he turns around and won’t increase sanctions against Russia or putin and his People, after they messed with out democratic system and voting rights and worked overtime with money and efforts to elect his ass President. It’s a sad state of affairs that the American People have to put up with an uneducated idiot for President who is bought and paid for by Putin and Russia and refuses to admit he did any wrong. He colluded with Russia there can be no doubt folks, you want to know how to know, simple, answer the following question for me, how did Russia know where to place their ads to affect the Democratic Blue Belt in the North East? Who told them where to place the ads on the internet in Twitter, facebook and Google that they did if not The Trump People? You tell me ok?

Sadly, Americans voted for this man and he didn’t win the popular vote mind you, against a female candidate like Hillary Clinton. Mrs. Clinton would never have colluded with Russia or avoided putting sanctions on them for messing with our election. She has more intelligence in one pinky then Trump does in his whole being, and the people spoke with the popular vote on that matter. He and his Russian cohorts and money paid off member sof the Electoral College to get in office. It’s a sad time in America, when a President only has approval numbers in the high 30’s to 40 range in his first year in office.Sadly that is what we are facing Americans, a President not wanted in England or Europe by our allies. Never In my 62 years of life have I seen or heard of such a President.

BUt I digress because I thought I wouldn’t be doing a political blog again, I was gonna give them up, but Trump is such an asshole that by the end of today, a day after his so called State of The Union he will be right back on Twitter with his stupidity I am sure. It is a sad day in America when an American President has approval ratings so low and tries to always take credit for what his precessadesor has done. Trump is not creating jobs folks as he promised, jobs are dropping like flies, believe me, look them up. The African Americans are not gaining jobs folks, not really, give it another six months and I predict the following will happen, 1) The Black Unemployment rate will jump upwards, The Job market will fall and the stock market will head south. Just watch and you will see what I am talking about, he promised much but can’t produce a damn thing, he is flying by the seat of his pants right now and living off of what Obama accomplished till it runs out. Mark my Words!




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