Trump Denies Equal Release of Documents/ Fire Ryan/ Mcconnell Now!

Donald Trump has denied the Democrats Response to the Nunes Memo of his Republican Party! He denied it’s release saying is is for safety of the United States for Security reasons, that crap. What he denied it for is simple folks he doesn’t want the Democratic Memo out because it will refute everything the Republican memo said and will have the proof in it, for the American People to see.

The Nunes Memo does not and will never vindicate Trump in the charges against him for Obstruction of Justice or Collusion. It can’t vindicate a guilty man, doesn’t the American People see it yet?

He Colluded with the Russians in many ways, during his run to the Presidency. He took money from them, he told them where to run the ads in The Democratic Blue Belt, at the cost of millions upon millions. How else would the Russians know what districts, cities, towns or states to target with their facebook, twitter and google ads? You tell me! Millions of Russian Rubles were spent by the Russians and Putin to get their puppet in the White House and they won. Sadly, so many Americans were foolish enough to buy the bullshit, and here we have the worst President in American History in Office Today!

Let’s get to the bottom of the Investigation into the Russian Involvement right here and now. Why would the Russians even bother to spend so much money to get one man elected unless they were getting something out of it? You tell me?

He avoids saying anything bad or indifferent about Russia or Putin and will not enforce or increase the sanctions against them, why is that folks, you tell me?

Next, we face his Obstruction of Justice. He Fired Comey, Yates, and more to stop and stall the Investigations. He stands in the way and threatens Mueller and the whole Russian Investigation and blocks it at every turn he can. He threatens The man who appointed Mueller in Rodstein, and rants and yell about the man publically. he attacks the FBI and his own Director he put in place? Come on, isn’t it quite obvious he is Obstructing justice here?

He has no Empathy for women victims assault and abused by predators and he doesn’t even mention the women, but defends the men, come on? Yet Congress both Houses are in republican hands and he still can’t pass a bill, law or even handle a budget on his own. He has zero accomplishments in hand in over a year in office, except for getting the Government shut down twice in less then one month. He talks shit about building a wall we never will need, and Immigration yet he wants to throw out the DACA People what the hell is wrong with this man? He has no care except for himself and his rich cronies! He passes a Tax Bill that makes the rich, richer and gives them tax breaks they shouldn’t have and buries poor and middle class citizens under tons of debt, by killing Obama Care in every way he can. Sad! Then Speaker Ryan comes out and brags about one woman getting a 1.50 cent an hour raise that will pay for her cable bill for a year, come on!

I ask this of the American People, come November 2018, revolt, fight back, dump the Republicans who support DOnald Trump right on their asses in the streets and elect Democrats to their seats. Let’s take back Congress and freeze Trump’s as to a dead stop before he can do anymore damage to the country and us.The best revenge the American People can get is to force out the Republican Supporters of DOnald Trump from Congress, both Houses, Senate and House. Vote them out folks for if you don’t the end result will be you will pay more taxes, the economy will fail and you will be left broke and with no health coverage at all! It’s here already, wake the hell up America, Trump doesn’t give two shits about the poor, the middle class or the needy, he cares about lining his own pockets that’s all.

Congress and the Senate must get Jared Kushner, Roger Stone, Bannon, in front of them and force them to talk by supeneos now, or jail their asses immediately! THis has gone far enough, call your Congressman or Senator or both, tell them it is time these people associated wit Donald Trump and Trump himself face the American people’s justice and get removed from office and important positions. Forty People in The White House with no security clearances are running around handling top secret paperwork of the American people with clearances come on wake up folks. Do the math, use common sense, get Ryan and MCconnell out of office and pressure them to stand up for what is right or get the hell out of the way and let the American People fight back!








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