It’s Time, Sarah Huckabee Sanders!

President Trump and his Press Secretaries have a problem, Trump has no problem with it so his Press Secretaries do in the end. Sean Spicer Resigned and quit and everyone who knows politics, understands why, he was nothing more than a parrot head for Trump, and got so confused he started making mistakes and tripped himself up.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders should be ashamed of herself for parroting Trump’s words on the Porter case and others. She comes out defending her boss when she knows he is wrong in all ways. SPicer did the same till h couldn’t anymore, it is why he left, now Sarah Huckabee Sanders is doing the same. I feel sorry for her mother and father who have to sit home and listen to their daughter lie her ass off to the American Public to keep her job as Press Secretary. I know, she is the first female Press Secretary in history and she believes it is a great advancement for women for her to be, but, does she want to keep lying to the American Public for Trump’s whole term? Does she realize Americans know she is parroting  only what Trump tells her to say, and that she is being heard lying to all Americans on a daily basis?

Mr. Huckabee, her father is an honorable man and he ran for the Presidency wanting to help the American people, and now his daughter is being used as nothing more than a puppet head for Trump, it’s sad for him, his wife and family I am sure. Sarah needs to get up and look in the mirror and have a discussion with herself, and tell herself she can’t keep up the facade of lies for Trump. She is embarrassing herself to Americans  of all races, colors and sexes. I hear women everyday on the streets and in the offices and stores and one the streets say it daily, That Sarah Huckabee Sanders has no pride all she does is say what he wants her to and she looks like a fool doing it. Women and men in America, stop and think what is coming out of Sarah Huckabee Sanders mouth daily and just shake their heads at the fact she is dumb enough to say them. Listen Sarah please, stop making yourself look like an idiot and unfeeling woman, don’t parrot all Trump says and don’t sit there and ruin the rest of your life for this bigoted, prejudiced, discriminating, egotistical, melogomanicial, narcissistic, man. You are giving new meaning to the blind following the blind, don’t you see that?

I am sorry to say this but here is the bottom line for you Sarah Huckabee Sanders, you made Press Secretary not on your own accord, you got the permission because Spicer quit and you were next in line. When you finish your stint as Press Secretary and parroting Trump’s words you do know no one is going to want to hire a puppet and woman who lies to the American People?  No one is going to want to hire a woman with no empathy, or caring for other women who are abused, I hope you realize before it is too late, that by working for President Trump and paroting his words and feelings you are destroying your own life and future each day you do so.

It took Sean Spicer a short period of time to get out,and I am sure if you talk to him her will tell you, all about how he couldn’t continue to lie to America and he figured out that his life was about to be  like the wreck of the Titanic and he was sinking in the lies and bullshit. You will also Sarah, do yourself a favor get out, for the rest of your life will not be about being loyal to Trump, he won’t hire you once it’s over in the White House and you will have to live the rest of your life also. It will lead to you being an outcast and unable to get another job and soiling your name and your family name also, think of what your father is going to have to go thru explaining to Americans and Friends how how his daughter, lied to the American Public just to keep her job and be loyal to a bigot! Sadly, History will record it clearly and for all to see Sarah, it’s on public television world wide for all to see and recorded for prosperity and history each time you walk to the podium and parrot his words. Your father Mike Huckabee is an honorable man, whose reputation is great, don’t diminish it for him, your mother and now yourself, get out Sarah, refuse to keep parroting Trump’s words, tell the truth and leave.


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