Gun Violence, Politicians and Commentators!

I saw Ben Ferguson on CNN the other night saying, if they ban AR-15s from market in America, shooters and the mentally ill will just go to a different weapon. maybe so, but you missed the point of the discussion by a mile.

The Gun Lobby is controlling what weapons are sold and to who and the laws let them do so. So we have mentally ill people, and criminals of all kinds able to but semi-automatic and automatic weapons over the counters and at gun shows? No one is going to take steps to stop it that what you saying Ben Ferguson? Because if that is the case, then commentators like you, who say these things haven’t had a family member killed by them have you? It’s assine for you to be saying these things on CNN and public television in America. You need to backup, regroup and hear me!.

I served the United States for sixteen years, in the U.S. Army, Army National Guard and Navy too and I know weapons, of all kinds, and I will tell you this, there is no reason for semi automatic or automatic weapons on the streets of America period. I don’t care what you say, about they will go get other guns and still shoot people, one shot at a time! The truth is as follows Ben, The country created the Second Amendment for the protection of property and people in time of war, The Revolutionary War at the time, while we fought for our Independence as a nation. The Forefathers who wrote the Amendment, did not intend it to include automatic or semiautomatic weapons. Back then in the time, the weapons were muskets, not semi automatic or automatic firing many rounds a second. Nor would the Forefathers ever have agreed to let it get as far as it has today. To give a right to bear arms in the 17oos Sir, was to give homeowners and people a right to protect themselves from a British Invasion and attacks, we have none today. Secondly, what business does anyone except Military Personnel have with semi automatic or automatic weapons on the streets for, there are not needed even for hunting purposes!

Sadly, it is people like you Ben Ferguson who will not stand up to, or against the gun lobby, that make these attacks possible. You refuse to work for better law against gun violence and  stricter laws to get a gun in America, and in the meantime people and children die left and right!

I am not saying take away the right to bear arms!. I am saying the following, make better laws to screen for mental illness, make stricter requirements on people who want to own a gun and take the semi-automatic and automatic weapons off our streets. I don’t want to hear the excuse of they will only get a different gun and still do these acts. that’s crap and you know it. The truth is semi automatic and automatic weapons carry many rounds, fire at deadlier rates and kill faster. A person can survive a single shot Ben, put a person can’t survive being riddled with bullets at unbelievable speeds and numbers, can they? Hell no!

Congress needs to correct this problem now folks, commentators like Ben Ferguson need to be corralled and controlled, and made to not say stupid shit in Television. Wake up Congress, Senators and Representatives need to listen and take action against the gun lobby now. Stop the Gun Show Sales, take the Semi and automatic weapons off our streets and allow our children to live instead of them going to school one day to never come home again. Do something damn it, now!


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