Guns in America/ Stop the military guns to civilians!

The school shootings across America, are not happening in other countries for one good reason, they control the issuing of the guns to the people who are just supposed to have them the military.

I have heard so much shit out of President Trump’s mouth regarding all kinds of issues and not a damn thing is being done period, he talks shit and does nothing. Children are being killed in schools here, parents are mourning,  friends are mourning and the world is too. How many more children in America must lose their lives because The NRA pays the politicians to support their shit and both halves make money off of it all.?

A Lesson for all in The Second Amendment, is here and now, let’s think this through properly. The Second Amendment was created so American citizens could arm themselves in a milita manner to protect themselves and their property from the British who we were under and breaking from at the time. The American revolution was in effect the circumstance were very different then today in modern America. There is no reason for any American civilian, to have and bear a Military Type weapon on America’s streets today period. That is what an Ar_15 is folks it’s a military style weapon created and built to tear bodies and lives apart and to kill people, it isn’t covered under the Second Amendment not in my book.  The NRA is getting rich and not going to move one inch to save you or your children from being shot, they are making money off of the weapons being used. Then when a politician stands up to them and says stop, they threaten to remove their millions they put in the coffers of the politicians in question, that is what is happening folks.

What needs to be done can be outlined right here and right now by me and made to be understood by all. Lest look at the facts here in another way, then dollars and cents, look at what the founding fathers of our country were thinking and remember the purpose of the right to bear arms.  The purpose was to arm the population of America so they could fight back the British who were over us at the time. Different era , different time and different circumstances.  The Amendment says in it, to arm militias not the people for ever, wake up.

As children die and voices rise in unity asking that something be done about this issue, President Trump and Congress play games with American’s minds and heart and then of course they will promise to fix it and do absolutely nothing. So in the future more children will die and no one will do a damn thing regarding the real issue guns! While I am not saying Americans don’t have a right to bear arms, they do, but not military level arms, no way. Congress has been running away from pressure from The NRA and so have Presidents forever, it’s time Americans tell them to stand up to the NRA, and take these military style weapons off our streets period, the hell with their money. I know, I know all will  say I am full of shit, facts are I am not. One day when you get a call your child, son or daughter or husband or wife is shot dead by someone with a AR-15 or similar weapon, then you will listen and know the pain of the parents, friends who lost these kids.

What if Mr. President these kids names were Ivana, Eric and Donald Trump what then? I bet you would react a lot faster and stronger to banning these weapons from American Society and limiting them to military use. What if these kids had the last names, Mcconnell,  or Ryan, or Trump or Pence, I bet things would change then wouldn’t they?

You want to know what is a shame Mr. President, it’s the fact the forefathers who gave birth to this nation were not perfect in all ways, but at least they had common sense, guts and brains to guide a country into a nation status and make it the greatest nation on earth.   You are tearing it down and allowing Russians to buy you the White House, taking health care from American seniors and children who need it and not caring about anything else but lining your pockets, the pockets of your billionaire and millionaire buddies. You have no empathy for anyone at all except yourself and that’s it.

If you do one thing in your life Mr. President, it should be to remove military style weapons from the streets of America and save the lives of children and teachers everywhere in America. I bet you don’t have the guts, the balls and the moxey to get it done!







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