I Suggest you start Fighting Back now !

Ok, I have debated and discussed and argued over Trump’s Presidency now since the day he won the Republican Primary till today. The bottom line is this, he is the worst president in American History period. Here is a man paid for by a the Russians to win the American Presidency, and hande dit who has no empathy, feelings, or knowledge of what he is doing doing period. He isolates America from the world by pulling us out of agreements on the environment and economic issues. he puts tariffs on steel and aluminium against our allies and he has killed health care for Americans by pulling al support for Obama Care out from under the American People. It’s a sad statement on American Politics and the American People that such a man was elected President of the United States at this point and date in history. I remind you of a few promises of his when he ran, building a wall between America and Mexico, why because he believes it is the only way to handle the drug trafficking,  the truth is it won’t stop it and the mexicans will go around, under and over it in anyway possible. It’s a waste of billions of American dollars to build it.

I will bring American jobs back from overseas where they went, wrong again folks, he isn’t bringing them back at all. The steel and coal industries are done , especially the coal industry, we don’t need it and no one uses coal for a damn thing. What are we going to do, power our factories by coal again, I think not unless we want to pollute the atmosphere again and destroy the breathable air we have left. Not worth it folks. Steel we can manufacture it’s true, but what use do we have except to sell it in other countries where they wil tariff and tax it anyway, because he is doing it to them also.

This is a President, who is bought and paid for by the Russian Government and Puttin period, sadly, the American People didn’t understand it until he got the job. Proof as they say is in the pudding folks, let talk what the hell were those in the meeting in Trump Tower doing with the russians in the first place? What would be their reasoning for taking such a meeting, except to get dirt on Hillary Clinton and prevent her election so Trump could get the office? Tell me folks that Trump didn’t know about the meeting and I will tell you, your full of shit, there is nothing that takes place in the trump Organization, Tower or  family he doesn’t know about or approve, be realistic ok?

Next, Richard Nixon was Impeached and removed from office for the Watergate Break in by a bunch of hired thugs and poof he had to go. Bill Clinton impeached over Whitewater and Monica Lewinsky, now this president colluded with Russia is bought and paid for by the russians to get the office, won’t say or do anything against russia in any way and he remains in office? trump holds meetings with russians prior to being elected President and no one thinks one thing about it? COme on, he obstructs Justice every day by trying to prevent Mueller’s Investigation from going forward and fires people left and right? And no one reacts in Congress why is it? Explain it to me folks please?

Trump is firing civilians from his Cabinet left and right and replacing them with Generals, why, because he knows they are military and wil never say no to him, otherwise they lose their commissions and pensions they worked to get over 30 years. They have to say yes to him, he is their Commander in Chief isn’t he now? A Leader surrounded by Generals and spies, sound familiar doesn’t it, it’s the Russian Government in America now!. Sad, we are Americans and yet we allow this man to do as he pleases firing or forcing to resign at least 30 people so far in 14 months in office. He has admitted openly he is building his own cabinet his own way and getting the people he wants. Should the House and Senate allow this all to happen and just mossy along on a daily basis doing nothing? I think not!

I was born in 1956, Dwight D. Eisenhower was President of the United States of America, he was followed by John F. Kennedy and through the last 62 years of my life never have I seen an American President so idiotic, foolish, selfish and non-empathic in my life. he reforms the taxes so it benefits his rich cronies, kills healthcare for all by destroying ObamaCare, isolates us from the world by withdrawing us from Nafta, and the Paris Accords on Environment, hires Secretaries who spend millions of American Government dollars on flights all over the world a for themselves and their spouses and even one who wanted to spend 31 grand on a dining room set for an office, come on! His son-in-law, can’t get a security clearance and remains in place in the White House, doing affairs of the state for the country, and he is not qualified for any of what he is doing in anyway! He uses his daughter to talk to South Korea come on folks what’s wrong with this  picture? Wake Up!

The 2018 mid-terms are coming fast enough, and if Americans don’t vote democrat in  november they will be destroying themselves and their own country by allowing this man and his Republican followers to destroy what the forefathers of America really built, a Republic made in a  Democracy state.  DOn’t let it happen folks, unless you admire Putin, Russia and their way of life I suggest you start fighting back now, for a communist form of government is not far from where Trump is taking us. Don’t let it happen folks! Vote Democrat in November 2018 and every election that comes up, stop it now, before it’s too late!



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