Impeach America’s biggest mistake elected to office ever in it’s 242 year history!

America is facing the worst President in its history of 242 years!. Trump is bold, brutal and nasty and destroying our status in the world, isolating us from the world, angering our allies and  ignoring our biggest enemy, and  not one member of the Senate or The House has any balls to stand up and say a damn thing about it all! Why? Why can Trump boldly and openly do what Nixon and Clinton did together in one swift motion in office and get away with it all without even one Article of Impeachment drawn up against him as of yet, why? Is Congress that scared of Trump they won’t react to all he has done during his almost 15 months in office?

Tom Steyer is running a  campaign to Impeach and Remove Trump from office and i believe all Americans should join him. Trump is unstable, ha sno empathy for anyone poorer them himself. he killed ObamaCare hurting and leaving millions without healthcare for themselves and putting the burden for that healthcare on the average american daily. he isolated us from environmental pacts to save the planet, and peace treaties and deals every where he can. He wants to pull us out of  all agreements that he can and leave us isolated in all ways on our own. He Damaged the world economy and Americans too all at once by asserting Tariffs on steel and aluminum and gets away with it too. What the hell is wrong with Congress, why don’t they react to this man’s behaviors and actions, are they blind, stupid or so loyal that their loyalty blinds them period? Are you telling me Speaker Ryan and Senator McConnell and the rest of the Republicans are stupid enough not to see what is going on today in America?

He has topped any Obstruction of Justice Nixon ever did, and he has colluded with the Russians to get the Office of President and no one reacts? Why? he surpassed Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky for sure with the Stormy Daniels affair here and the other 16 more that have accused him of sexual misconduct and still is allowed to walk like he owns the earth and diss women left and right and be President ? What is wrong with this picture folks you tell me, wake up!

As America falls from the leadership position it once earned and held for so long, other countries are going what the hell is wrong with America and laughing at us for electing such a buffoon to the office. He openly lies to the Canadian Prime Minister and admits to making things up and gets away with it? Wake up folks this is getting worse each day it continues. Congress should be preparing Impeachment Articles for Obstruction of Justice and Collusion and Lying and so much more, not sitting on their hands.

I believe I understand the reluctance, to Impeach a sitting President and yes we saw it with both Nixon and Clinton also, but enough is enough don’t you think?  I know Congress actually fears Pence more than Trump and I understand why, Pence can actually write Bills and Laws and enact them through Congress Trump has no idea how to. For those who fear a Pence Presidency let me say this, I would rather Impeach Trump, remove him and hand the Office to Pence for the rest of this term then allow Pence a full term after Trump, what about you? At least in a short term in office he can be blocked by Congress from destroying America, but leaving Trump in office to 2020 will destroy America in all ways. Remove, Vote To Impeach, and write your Senators and Congressmen and women and tell them it’s time to Impeach America’s biggest mistake elected to office ever in it’s 242 year history!






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