Services not adding up? Xfinity/ Cox or Other Cable Services!

Across America we have cable companies such as Cox and Comcast( Now Known as Xfinity) for cable, internet and telephone services. They are supposed to be paid providers for the services we request and pay them for, but their service get interrupted and go down because they can’t maintain their systems with which to provide.

Just so all understand and  I am sure it happens to many homes and people who are customers of these services. You cable signal disappears or gets interrupted, or your phone line goes dead or your internet goes down from DNS not being there. After how many years in the business and being the service provider you would think these cable companies would have it all down to a science by now and not have these problems. Yet they still have the same problems in all areas, Cable TV, Phone and internet services go down and get interrupted why? Someone tell me why they put out new cable systems and wiring yet they still lose the signals, they add amplifiers and devices and still their services go down why?

I understand their Technicians trying to explain the problems, I do, but in the end all I want is my service to be there, if it isn’t take it off my bill, discount me for the loss. The Cable Companies fight you if you ask for it to be taken off because your down for hours or days without their services, they want the full monthly payment, it’s not fair to us, the consumers or if you prefer customers. Why should we pay Cable Companies money for services we dont get and why demand that payment when your not providing, please explain to me, Cable companies?

Recently I have been having problems with my cable television through Xfinity/ Comcast, my cable signal freezes or disappears and I am getting interruptions in it. I called Infinity again  this morning after having them here last friday and being told it was an amplifier in the system and they replaced that saying it was fixed. I woke up early to see about the incoming snow storm and found my cable out again with the exact same error on a purple screen on my television. Now, I understand service interruptions as much as any other consumer, but this is ridiculous at this point, after a month of them sending signals to my cable box. Or I have to unplug the box, and plug it back in after a few minutes to get it to work. I am tired of it really, shouldn’t the cable company repairman they send here be able to find the problem and fix it the first time, what do they have the error codes for in the first place then?I think at this point since we are over a month now of our services being interrupted because if their failure to get the signal to us at the strength needed or uninterrupted they should give us money back or take it off our bill. It should be common sense to Xfinity to do this for customers they can’t fix the problem with in one visit, it’s my opinions.

I have thought of switching services to maybe Direct Television, or Sling or some other service, but haven’t done so yet because I know they have their problems also in my area. So Xfinity will be here again today between 12 and 2 pm my time and I know they told me if it is in my house I pay 40 bucks for the visit plus repairs, but it can’t be or it would not work period even if I reset the box, and i am not idiot they can fool. So I shall watch them try to fix it again, the signal is being interrupted outside my home I am pretty sure it is on the telephone pole in my front yard. I hope they will find it and fix it now. So, tell me folks am I alone in my thoughts on this subject? Or am I joined by others who feel the same way, they should fix the service and refund money, or not? You tell me folks!


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