Guns in America and the Politicians!

Life at times can be fun and at other times deadly serious, we see it each day as concerts, ball games get played and then shootings occur across the country by either the mentally ill or the evil however one wishes to label the individuals who do so. Gun Violence is a major problem in America and the Senate and House need to pay  full attention to it now, and do something to prevent it happening again.

Requirements to own a gun and get a license for a gun, need to be revamped to such a state, that it is hard to get one, and that the mentally ill are stopped from getting one period.  The biggest thing that the Senate, the House can look at is the original reason for Americans to have a right to bear arms in America. The writer’s of the second amendment, stated in it the right to bear arms is to defend yourself as a protection against Military and foreign powers.  To protect your property and the country as a whole, not for personal uses and for fun. Read the damn Amendment folks and set it right by today’s standards, or as we are seeing now across the country innocent teenagers and children and families are being killed by mentally ill individuals who can get guns. It must be stopped, I say this to each Congressman/ Woman, and Senator out there now, if it was your child was facing down a gun barrel, would you be willing to shout, all have the right to bear arms? I doubt it if they delivered your child to you in a coffin, after they were shot up in school! Parents and families are being destroyed because the National Rifle Association has too much political pull and power in the government period.  They put money into politicians pockets and campaigns and pay to get you elected and then you become beholden to them and let them carry on selling these weapons on the streets of America.

Gun shows should be shut down, and regulated better and the standards and requirements for owning  gun in America rewritten period.  In those new regulations should be requirements to be tested for stability of the mental facilities of an individual to own a gun. Is there Mental illness in the family, or in their personal life if so they should be stopped from owning a gun or a license to own one. We must protect our children and our people from themselves if no one else will who shall?

President Trump is like all the rest of the politicians on this matter, talk a good game and shout it loud to get attention and then do absolutely nothing about it. He played the fiddle while we watched more die from gun violence in our country, more children fall due to his inaction and Congresses too. Stop Gun sales, no more gun shows and sales through them. toughen the requirements to get a gun, and only give guns to the people who really need them, the Military and the POlice only as needed. We see even the police firing 20 rounds into a backyard and killing a man hold a damn cell phone, and we go oh the man was wrong, whether he broke car windows or not he was not needing to be shot to death for it by police. Why wa she killed, because the cops have fears too and their biggest is having a person out there with a gun aimed at them. Remove the gun shows, shut down gun sales and tell the NRA to stop paying the politicians off. Tell you politicians to stop accepting NRA money for their campaigns, guns are ok if handled by responsible people I agree, but not every american should own a gun, we all know the flaws of human nature and human vulnerabilities. Let’s be smart enough to save our own children and ourselves from facing someone with a gun being pointed at us and us being killed for no reason other then we were in their area. Change the gun laws, stop Gun Sales through Gun Shows, stop gun sales on the streets, and lets save American Children and Americans from facing death at the hands of a person deranged or mentally ill. It’s time, before more children are in coffins and a cop knocks on your door to tell you it’s your child next time.

If your Senator or Congressperson, says well we can’t stop the NRA or the sale of guns, then they are not doing you a favor they are doing their own selves a favor by accepting money from THe NRA, tell them no more, vote them out of office, pressure them to shut down gun shows and up the requirements to own a gun, Make sure every weapon is registered, including handguns, rifles and shotguns. The life you save can be your own, your child’s, your parents, your relatives or your loved ones period, don’t let it keep happening America, fight back  now, stop gun violence, by stopping the NRA from selling weapons to those unstable and dangerous at gun shows and elsewhere too. DOn’t your children and mine, deserve a safe environment to go to school, to play outside, to grow up and pursue their rightful place in society and the world? Or do we sit back and let the NRA continue to sell weapons on the streets and in gun shows that can take our loved ones from us in under a second with a single shot? If you love your children, your family, I say now to call your Senator, Your Congressperson and tell them, to write and get to work on new laws for gun sales and regulations now!



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