FaceBook, Military Life and Connections

I recently heard all the reports of Facebook and the problems of data stealing by other companies taking information from people’s pages to gather voting data. Now, it should be pointed out here that Facebook did not set anything up and this was an actual attack by another company on their programs, to field and collect the data for the Trump Campaign and The Russians. While I disagree with the fact that the data was compiled and used in such a way and it is a breach of people’s private information, I also believe in Zuckerberg’s program and his team that set up FaceBook in the first place. Having A Facebook page for personal or business purposes is fine as long as you leave out certain information folks, never give out your social security number, your real address, any credit cards or account numbers. Use your head for more than a damn hat rack, when using such services ok.

FaceBook though does have a decent purpose and I see it everyday, in my world, for it helps sell my lil books I wrote and it keeps me in contact with my Navy memories and the sailors I knew when I, served. It’s nice to look, on a facebook page intended to reunite crew members and reminisce about the days you served your country and the people you did it with.  I know because I found pages for members of two out of three of my ships I served on, and can find old crew members to comment on and the antics we did aboard ship and on shore duty at the time.

It helps those of us who are disabled, or who have PTSD as Veterans to reach out and listen and talk over old times with fellow crew members we knew so well. I served 16 years in the service in three branches so the Navy is not my only branch, I did the Army, Army National Guard and then the Navy in that order. I wasn’t always happy, but, if I hadn’t of fell down onboard a ship I would’ve gone for the full 20 if I could. Why because, no matter what, once you get used to the service it grows in you and becomes a part of your life you never can shake. Some crews and companies and ships stay in your memories forever and never leave your mind, heart and soul.

The amazing thing about service life is the memories and experiences not only aboard ship but also on LIberty and on shore. In all areas we all shared many thoughts, ideas and things we had to do and can still sit back and reflect on them today if we like. We draw from them daily, to live our lives each day and it makes us who we are in many ways. MIlitary Life is still the way to go for many of today’s generation I am sure too, and I want to say here and now to all who read this it is a proud tradition, and a great way to learn and grow as a person period.



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