The March for Our Lives is real!

This March For Our Lives  is amazing and changes must happen. If your a politician who gets money from the NRA , you better run and hide. The future voters of America are speaking. I give the politicians of America, a heads up here, millions of people around America want guns off the streets, they want the killings to end, you better start listening November 2018 is coming quickly, changes will take place many who are afraid of the NRA, and losing their backing or voters better think twice!.  The NRA may have money, but the people of America and it’s future are now speaking up and out, and I tell you now, if you don’t change it, they will change who fills the offices you hold!

There are only a few places guns belong and in the hands of everyday civilians is not it. We don’t need guns in the hands of gangsters, the mentally ill, or in our schools or our streets.  The Military has weapons because they must defend our freedoms and our rights and nation, the police have weapons to fight crime, no one else should have weapons, especially military type weapons. Rewrite the requirements to have a gun so the mentally ill are not allowed to get them, the requirements must be stronger and evaluations should be made of all who want a gun. Change it now, stop the gun shows and the sale of guns at them. Don’t let any weapon, whether a pistol/ handgun, or a rifle of military type be sold on the streets of America anymore.

I know the 2nd Amendment says all Americans have a  right to bear arms. I understand what the forefathers wrote the amendment for, it wasn’t so everyone can carry a gun for fun, it was to form militias to defend the country, against invaders and the theft or loss of freedoms and property and family. We have come a long way from the times of needing people armed for these purposes, we are a different nation and a different world.  Violence is not the way to a safer world, open communication is, honesty is, compromise is, not violence or guns.

Too many innocents are killed because fools don’t wish to fight the NRA, and they depend on the money The NRA provides to them. It must stop now, if you are a politician and you receive money from the NRA, or the makers of weapons,  I would recommend you stop now and rethink your position or lose your office, or position in our governments! If these deaths were of your children, your family members or your loved ones or friends, would you still accept money from the NRA and gun manufacturers? I doubt it I am sure. So let’s get laws now to stop the sale of any military weapons on our streets or gun period. Let’s make guns on  the streets of America a bygone thing, make them disappear now.  The manufacturers who produce and make these weapons must be forced to sell them to the military only or to law enforcement, not in gun shows or stores. If the changes are not made, I pity the politicians who support the NRA or use their funds in the future, this movement will not stop, these children and teenagers and adults behind  this movement of The March for Lives, will not disappear they will only get louder and keep going on till changes are enacted. These are the future voters in America and it’s greatest Generation is coming to stop all of this!



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