Open Letter to the First Lady

To: Melania Trump

From the American Public,

Dear First Lady,

All due respect for you being the First Lady and representing America in the world and at home and for your supporting all the things you do, but, isn’t it time you stop supporting your husband, Donald J, Trump now?

Here he is out there having affair after affair with other women being married to you while you are carrying his son and afterwards and yet you stay with this man? Sixteen women have accused him of sexual misconduct and abuse towards them, two women, one a porn star and one a ex- playboy bunny are telling their stories of their affairs with him, yet you say nothing and do nothing, why? Did you know what you were getting when you married him, that he was such a philanderer and womanizer? Did you know he would do as he pleased even while married to you, and not care what it did to you or how it made you look?

All due respect Mrs. Trump, I as a representative of the American People believe it is time you stand up, tell your story and tell how you feel about all the accusations that chase your husband around and now all the lawsuits and more that are happening. I would think by now, if you are like most women out there, and in the world you are getting to the breaking point over it all, aren’t you as of yet? How many more accusers do you need to hear from to believe them and know they are telling the truth?

Your husband is about to be taken to court for many dispositions in many different cases, the least of them not being the Stormy Daniels case and the Karen McDougal cases, these women will talk  Melania and as they do, what will it do to you, humiliation, embarrassment,  are just two small things, what about what it does to Barron your son, who all of us, know you love dearly?  At some point Mrs. Trump isn’t it time to protect yourself and your son from further damages and humiliation and embarrassment?  How many more sexual harassment and assault charges and stories of him being a predator do you need to react?

Here is the real question for you Melania Trump, Did you know what he was before you married him and said I do?  Are your standards and ethics and morals so low, that you are allowing him to drag you and your son through the mud?

Stand up, Melania, if not for your sake, than for the sake of you son Barron, his future and his life ahead of him. many love you Melania for your efforts as First Lady and the pride you have shown us all since becoming  First Lady, yet I can not understand why you would allow this to continue and hurt yourself and your son.Make a stand, do something, don’t allow your whole life to be ruined by all of this and your son’s life too.





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