Don’t, means what?

One word, I hear all the time is don’t. Ever wonder about it when you hear it I do, and sometimes the word Don’t will cause you to stop and go why not? For many in the world the word don’t is like a warning sign or word, that says stay away, be careful, or danger in and of itself, but is it really?

As we grow up in this world and get on with our lives don’t become a word of necessity by our parents and friends and teachers and politicians and more, why is that?  The reason is obvious to all of us right, it’s a warning shot across the crest f our life ship, telling us danger is in that direction. Yet in case you haven’t noticed, those who ignore these don’ts, sometimes make great strides and advances not only in society and technology, and life, and as writers and actors and more, yes even politicians too.  So, if don’t is a warning shot, and used by parents universally in the world by all parents, why do some when they hear don’t, do anyway? Some of us are dare devils in our own right and we care not if someone says don’t and we do it anyway, others stop when don’t is heard, think it over and still do, and others hear don’t and go why not? So what is don’t in life and history?

Don’t is a word formed and produced really as a warning, against things other know will hurt us or our children of course. Yet, I remember as a child in elementary school a teacher, her name was Miss Hilding, an elderly women who taught fourth grade at the time. MIss Hilding who was an woman in her late 50s or early sixties at the time, took me under her wing that year and guided me back to basics and learning again with a gentle manner, after all the other students and Principal told her don’t. She didn’t listen to don’t because she had a conviction to teach, guide and protect her students and she had an affinity for me as a child. She told me one day when we talked after a class one day, ” Son, I am not your mother, or father, nor am I related to you, but I do advise you as your teacher, don’t isn’t always right, it is precautionary only. I remember that every day I sit down to write a sentence, every time I dare to write a story or tell one, or try to create a poem or book or explain a thought. For don’t whilea precautionary word is always there, I also know if you stop and never do it, it will never get done and no one will hear your voice, your thoughts or ideas or see who you are or how you can help the world or someone you love to understand life and how we survive.

If Don’t was always listened to we would not have America, we would not have Democracy, we would never know freedom of speech, or have the abilities we have toward in the world. If Don’t was listened to all the time folks, we would have made no advances in the world and still be in the cave age, wouldn’t we? So, whatever you do, when someone cries don’t loudly, look first and make sure your ok and know what your doing, but never give up, or we shall never get anywhere in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, or i science, or technology or love, will we? If we listened to the word don’t, would we have reached modern civilization of today, outer space, the moon or have been able to create telephones, cell phones, computers television, ovens, stoves, microwaves or anything else that has advanced mankind? No, we wouldn’t have, so as precautionary as the word don’t is, doesn’t mean it is a steadfast block does it? For those who dare to go past the word don’t are the heros and advancers of society, life, technology and science even stories and poems. So, whatever you do, be positive, and when you hear don’t look first, clear the way and obstacles and then do, for in the end avancements and life must go on, and mankind must advance and survive.

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