Some Writing Advice for Writers!

Let’s talk writing, folks! I want to talk about the moment when you suddenly have a thought appear in your mind and it grows as you go along, but it remains in your head, and perculates some, but never comes out.  Perk it folks, brew it get it out on paper, or computer, make it real folks. I say this, because I have been there and done it myself and then realized I didn’t write it down or type it out when it was fresh in my mind and the idea went poof on me! Why? Because I didn’t take action and write it down, to have it for use later, I didn’t outline the idea or I just didn’t take the time to think it through and get it out on computer or paper and should have. Don’t make that mistake folks, if you write anything, a blog, poetry, books or anything else make sure when an idea hits you you write it down so you can go back and think on it, expand it, and outline it and then write it, into something all will want to read.

Subjects to write on can be almost anything, they can be drama, romance, suspense, mystery, historical, fiction, non fiction it doesn’t matter, what does matter if you write is that your mind is active and aware when you get an idea. We all watch television, movies, listen to music, or live our lives and run into unusual circumstances or position or relationships, don’t we. I know I do. Well, what to do when an idea pops into your head, record it on your cell phone, write it down on paper and carry it with you, or write it down as soon as you can on paper or computer. Ideas and thoughts flow through us daily, it is how you express them and what you make them into that counts. be creative, it makes life a lot more fun and interesting.

I have done some real life stories, some Naval Stories and some Army stories. I have done a few romances and written poems and blogs too on politics and more, use what you do best and get it out there. I have learned now though some lessons I think I need to pass on for all.

1) Write it down or type it out or record it as soon as it gets in your head.

2) Worry about the editing after your done, the biggest step is getting it out.

3) Revise it, once is out and then reread it again and again, till it sounds good                             to you.

4) Edit it using an editor or program on a computer use a spell check and                                    grammar check also.

5) When writing make sure you have a private space to do so in comfort.

6) Let it flow, feel it, so it feels good to you and right and says what you want.

7) When you finish and think you have it, give it to someone you trust, let                                  them read it over, get their opinion, advice incorporate it in it.

8)  Make the changes carefully and check and recheck your work, at this                                     stage if you wish to add or subtract now is the time and check it.

9) Now that you have a manuscript, put it in chapters, that make sense, add a                           Prologue, or Epilogue  and any Dedications in the end.

10) Choose a cover Image that represents the story and is interesting to draw                              attention. Make sure you do the whole cover front, back and seam.

11) Choose a publisher and either submit it to them, or submit it to the                                           program you are using online.

12) Once you have it submitted determine how much you wish to charge for a                             copy of it for sales purposes. Compare it to others of the same length and                                type.

13) Ensure you cover any publishing costs and delivery cost with the price                                  you use.

14) Advertising must be done online or in bookstores, articles interviews, or                               online. It costs to produce a book, so be prepared to spend to make.

15) Give free copies to friends and family.  If necessary do giveaways.

16) Track sales and drive marketing to those who like what you wrote.

Now the Above is not 100 Percent by all standards and there are no rules really to writing and producing books, Articles, Blogs or Poetry, but it is a basis to start from. Remember one more thing, an active mind is a creative mind and vice versa, read, interact with others, investigate and thing about things you love and use them. Words are a powerful device and weapon, so be careful and never copy or plagiarized, and have fun. If someone already wrote on your idea, you can still write on it in different words and style, no copying period. Life as a writer is an adventure folks, and it’s meant to make you feel when done that you told a story, many will want to hear and understand and enjoy. So, if you write remember you will have an audience and you will want them to read it all. We live and die with our thoughts, our ideas and our beliefs turned into creative things others will want to see.





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