Gun Control, Am I Liberal or just honest?

The Debate continues in America over gun laws, requirements, and who can and can not own a gun of some sort. As it rages, I want Congress, both Houses, the Senate and the House of Representatives to go back and read the Second Amendment fully, read the words of those who wrote it clearly and the purpose it was really intended for. The Right to Bear Arms, was written for a reason that no longer exists in America as it sits today. We are beyond  by many of centuries now, the need for Militias in America, we are being invaded by anyone and nor do we need Militias on our streets or in our land, no one is broaching our borders and trying to take over our land, our homes, or our country now, and the law is now outdated as should the amendment be. Too many people in America, believe the Second Amendments is a God Given Right,it is not, it was put in place for a reason and it can be revoked for a good reason also.

As our children die from gunshot wounds and violence in America, I get told by some I am a liberal and I should stop screaming, crying and complaining about the Second Amendment and the ownership of guns. Well, I have a response for those who think I am a liberal for speaking up on the gun laws in America and guns on the streets in general, listen closely. If I am a liberal for wanting guns off they streets then so be it, but, I am not really a liberal at all, I am a man, who believes no military type weapons should be on America streets or in the hands of mentally ill individuals in America. is that Liberal to feel that way, I think not, I think those of us who feel the way I do, feel that way for damn good reasons. Look I don’t want to see more child coffins carried to graves in out cemeteries, I don’t want to see those I love shot down by someone carrying a gun who has no reason  or business carrying one for no reason, other than they want one.

Raise the laws, and requirements now, make them qualify for owning a gun of any sort and take lessons, and get licences.Make the gun of all type harder to buy and get, stop the gun shows and sales of guns in that way. You want a gun, earn it as well as pay for it, know everything about the gun, the use of the gun, the maintenance of one and the proper handling and storage of one too. Learn to fire a gun of any sort you should only do so on a range made for guns and with targets that are not human beings.  Take the Military type weapons off our streets, AR-15’s are military type weapons made to destroy the human body or anybody they hit, and tea rit to shreds. They are not needed on the streets of America, and it is already illegal to use them for hunting.  Sadly, owning a gun for sport is even a danger these days, because the ones who own them don’t lock them away, but display them, and that give access to the children and mentally ill to take them and use them as toys, killing others for no reason other then, I say Daddy fire it and I want to too!. Trigger Locks should be on all weapons, unless they are in use on a range or hunting area, all clips and rounds should be out of the weapon before storage and not available for just anyone to grab and load into the weapon they fit. Children kill ,accidentally with handguns or shotguns also, stop it now by stopping selling them and regulating them better.

Bump stocks should be eliminated period, they are like a toys for gun owners, and take normal weapons and turn them into semi-automatic weapons that fire numerous rounds a ta greater rate. Why should they be on America’s streets they shouldn’t. Am I a bleeding heart liberal because I want my loved ones and yours safe from weapons that kill like the Ar-15’s or want to regulate and control guns in such a way as to prevent them bought and used by the mentally ill? I think not, I think what I am is a father, husband, Disabled Veteran who served 16 years and has the four Discharges to prove it, who wants to keep his family and your family safe and to live long full lives. That doesn’t make me a liberal folks, that makes me and all who believe like I do, Fathers or mothers, sisters or brothers, of all colors, races and creed, who want protection from weapons incorporated into our laws and the weapons used to kill humans off of our streets.! I am not a liberal in all ways, and I am conservative in many ways, but there comes a time in all of our lives, when we have to think more about the protection of the ones we love most, then about our own silly selfish selves, wanting to have a gun for fun, or because it’s our right under our Constitution, stop and think about that husband, that wife, that father that mother, that grandparent or child of your own and that belong to others and all are loved too, do you want to see your family destroyed and taken down by a stray bullet, or killed by a mentally ill person who can’t control themselves? I think not folks, I am not a bleeding heart liberal what I am is a man who hates seeing people die by weapons made for war.


3 thoughts on “Gun Control, Am I Liberal or just honest?

  1. I don’t think this makes you a Liberal, everyone is entitled to an opinion on the subject.

    However based on our recent conversation and your interpretation of “A well regulated Militia”. The Supreme court believes otherwise.

    SEE: “proclaimed that the Second Amendment established an individual right for U.S. citizens to possess firearms and struck down the D.C. handgun ban as violative of that right”



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