Trump’s Presidency in Truth so far!

Each day we wake up to a bigger mess in American Politics, due to the election of Donald J. Trump as President of the United States. The World as well as out country may never be the same that is for sure. Did those who voted for this man know what he was before they did, as some of his naysayers are saying these days on television, I say not. No one knew how much of a womanizer  he is, no one knew how many women he touched or kissed or went after and abused or harassed before he was elected. We sure are finding out now after he was voted in aren’t we?

He raised his hand and took the oath of Office folks, yet he is not fulfilling that oath in many ways. He is not protecting america, he is ruining America!. let’s start with simple stuff, like, isn’t Russia communist and our enemy? So why is he not speaking of Russia or Putin’s wrong doings in the world? Not one word does Donald Trump say about Putin or Russia, you know why, because Russia and putin, bought Trump his presidency is why!.

He has removed us from agreements all over the world, from economic to environmental and yet no one reacts or does a thing to stop him. The Isolation of America from the world markets and environmental pacts to save the planet should be enough to worry politicians and the people in general yet no one reacts in Congress why? Next he is taking us out of NAFTA and trying to get it rewritten on his own here, come on folks, is this allowed even and is it not crazy?

He promises to build a wall across the United States Southern Border to keep mexicans and drugs out, but will never get it built because Americans and Mexicans know we don’t need it or want it really. We have survived as a nation with open borders to the south and north of us for 242 years, so why build one now and make Mexico think we hate them? What’s next a border wall blocking Canada too?

Now Canada, why does Trump lie and make things up while talking to the Canadian Prime Minister and mislead the Canadians? Why would an American President do such a thing to loyal friends and allies? You tell me if I am wrong here, but, did the Canadians ever do something to damage Americans or our country? No! So, what does Trump do, he hits the world with Tariffs, that affect our biggest allies and supporters, Canada and China and then asks for help from China with North Korea, wake up folks this is not a stable or smart President here!

As a citizen of America I know we all have rights, including the right to bear arm under the second amendment, but, should people who are mentally ill be allowed to have weapons and should Ar-15s and Military weapons be allowed on the streets of america, and children get killed in school because we are afraid to stand up to the NRA? Stopping Bump Stocks is not enough folks, we need all military type weapons off the streets of America and we need a President with balls enough to stand up to the NRA and get it done. I bet ya all you may have in the bank, if a member of the NRA or their families were shot and killed by Ar-15s or military type weapons, they would change it fast!.

Some historian or specialist in American History please tell me when and under whom, so many members of an Administration were either fired or force to resign under them? Never has the White House or Administration ever seen such a turnover rate in 242 years of this country existence.  So why is it happening now, are they all so inexperienced they can’t handle the positions Trump put them in?  Now he is saying he is going to pull our troops out of Syria and let other take over the fight there. Does anyone realize what will happen if he does that? Al Qaeda They are not killed off and done trump, nor have they surrendered and been captured so what the hell do you think will happen if we leave there? and others will move right back in and start right back over again! Sad and bad decision!

This is the saddest Presidency seen in American History, economically, politically, foreign affairs  wise and so much more. We are being isolated from the world and we have to listen to scandals between Trump and women he had affairs with, and watch as they roll toward court dates. Sad indeed!








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