The Americans, The Real Ones!

Uncommon things occur in life and we learn to accept them as we go, in America we have had many of these occurrences, whether it was back before the Pilgrims hit Plymouth, Mass. or before. The American Indians were here before any white man, thought of coming here, they cared for their people and respected the land and resources they had. It was the invading White men who took America away from the Indians, by making and breaking deals with them, they were called treaties.  History wants to and does paint the American Indians as evil and the old cowboy and indian shows and movies portray it all that way, they are actually colored by the white man’s perceptions, and views. The American Indians, knew their land, they knew it’s resources and how to preserve and protect them too, they only killed animals to eat, and never more than they could eat or feed their families with. They don’t pollute the waters, tear the trees down, or damage the air and sea, they, kept them pristine and clean. Sadly, the white men from Europe came here and all changed, now the world, suffers for not listening or learning from these Indians, who were here first.

Instead of listening and living with and understanding the American Indian the white men, took their lands, and warred with them and pushed them to Reservations. The American Indians never gave up or surrendered really, they preserved themselves out of no choice of their own on the reservations they were limited to, not because they wanted to, but because they had no choice to save their ways of live and their bloodlines and heritage. In American History the American Indians are always painted the bad side of the coin, because with the victors go the spoils and with the losers go the condemnations, so to say. Many different Tribes ran across the North American land, before the white man did that is for sure.

They too had their customs, their traditions, their gods and their loves and dislikes and likes. Did they matter to the white man who they originally befriended, no they didn’t, the white men were greedy and took all they could, forcing the American Indians into corners and positions they had no choice in fighting from, including for their own survival, which they ultimately need save by surrendering and keeping to themselves on the provided reservations. Sadly, it is not where the American Indian belongs and all know it, for they have a majestic tradition and spirit like the eagle and hawks that fly above us that begs for freedom and they will persist, thank god for the American Indian had and still have many great leaders.

One such leader for the American Indians represented his own tribe in the Great State of Oregon, a vast area with great lands and resources at the time of the 1870’s and 1880’s and 90’s, his name was Chief Joseph, he led a tribe of Indians called the Nez Perce, When the white men began to take his valley where his people lived this Chief, resisted and tried to keep his lands, but the White man had the Calvary and the United States Cavalry  and outnumbered and outgunned the Nez Perce in all ways. Ultimately Chief Joseph and his people were forced from their valley and lands and tried to make a run for the Canadian Border to join with Sitting Bull and his tribe. As they moved and tried to escape the persecution of the white man’s Calvary, they would blaze a trail up across the north west and in to the midwest hills of Montana, and came within 64 miles of the Canadian Border, and getting to  Canada. Their fight and struggle along the way took many of their lives and one of them was taken in the final battle, was Chief Joseph’s brother who devised ways to avoid capture and fight the white man, and when he died in the final battle in Montana, Chief Joseph, broke and finally gave in to the white man and surrendered. Yet, even though he surrendered himself and his people, Chief Joseph tried hard to get back to his own valley in Oregon, but the white man broke the deals and treaties they made and force him far from Oregon to other reservations. The man kept fighting for the freedom of his people and tribe and was still their leader when he died, CHief Joseph the Younger is a story, told in Indian Lore and history, as well as portrayed in books and movies in America. The Point is this, the American Indian were here first, it is their native land not ours as whites blacks, hispanics or asians, it belongs to the American Indians, and sadly we have diminished and killed off too many Indians in our so called strive to prosperity, we forget the fact, that it was the American Indians, who showed the white man how to survive in America and what did we do in return, destroy them and their way of life. Americans of all nationalities who came here declaring this country the land of the free and the brave, and coming for religious freedom and a place to live and prosper, did so at the price of destroying what was native and who was native to the land they took, and never once did the white man look back and say thank you to the American Indians, we should. The American Indians deserve our respect, and we should give it to them at all times, for without their help the white man would have died off, in Plymouth, Mass. and never went anywhere or survived.

I hope someday, someway, a voice of reason will be heard once more in America, that will recognize the American Indians, and give them the honor they deserve as a race, nation and each tribe that still exists, should be honored. If the white man had not chased down and tried to remove the American Indians from their own land they loved so much, the American Nation would be so much better today.

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