I write not as a Pro but for Therapy For PTSD, for Myself!

I am not an editor, nor am I a English major, I write it’s what I do. If i were an Editor of or a Publisher with an Editing team I could clean up my books and put beautiful covers on them and sell them for a lot more than I do, and I only sell a few.

I have written stories of my childhood days, my problems days, my days as a black sheep of my family, of feelings of being unwanted, of physical abuse and punishments I recieved, of being locked away behind a black iron fence for two year and more. I have written Mysteries of murder and even love stories. I even did poetry and Advice Books on Writing styles.  All of it is therapeutic for me, since I suffer from PTSD from my childhood and from my military life. My Brother and sister both believe I am full of shit when I tell my stories of my childhood, for they lived in the same family and home. My Older brother knows some of it, for he lived it, but used sports to escape it all and was protected by our mother. I got the brunt of all the anger from both parents who raised me and  yet I survived, things, like being pulled from bed in the middle of the night and beaten, thrown down stairs, beaten with boards and pips and being told I could be buried in the backyard and forgotten. All Occurred in my childhood and unlike my elder brother I had no escape, I was a sports hero or loved by an adoring public and fan base, I was a kid who was a hyperactive, attention deficit suffer, trying to survive. I have told the tale to many and written on it many times, yet, it doesn’t sell because of editorial mistakes and subject matter, people don’t want to read or hear. They frown on it all and go, it can’t be real, no way, but it was and is.

Now, I write stories of love, mysteries and poems still but not as often, and when I do, I try to slow down and make them longer for people say what I write is good, but needs editing and to be longer to sell as books and my pricing is wrong. I sell most of what I write on Amazon KIndle E-Books on their web sites, maybe one every few months if I am lucky, I am no Stephen King, Dan Brown, or Agatha Christie or any other famous Author, I was never an english major, grammer type and my punctuation stinks I am told. I write only to get out that which I need to deal with to survive, as a process of relieving pain, hurt, suffering, experiences that all affect who I am today. Or every once in a while I will make upa story entirely as I got along, and just write it quickly and not edit it much and release it for e-book only.

Now what, I am doing is reducing many books or items I wrote to .99 cents a copy on Amazon Kindle E-Books, here is my Author Page Link if anyone is interested in looking at some:https://www.amazon.com/William-McCurrach/e/B00CQMGTSM/ref=ntt_dp_epwbk_0

Feel Free to copy and paste and look For yourself Please

Which ones do people seem to like the best well here is all I can tell you,





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