Van Jones, Truths and Trump and CNN

Van Jones is a great reporter and a sensible person he points out things that make sense and those that don’t. He speaks of subjects others don’t, he speaks of threats to democracy, threats to the world environment and so much more.  Trump is selling America to Putin and the Russians one step at a time, if we pull out of Syria, Al Qaeda will be back in. Now he is putting Military on our southern border, to keep mexicans and others out. Sadly, America is losing from his tariffs, and he is hurting american farmers and  more by doing them. The stock markets plummet daily and weekly hundreds of points at a time and people are losing their hard fought and earned money they invested in for their future. I admire Van Jones for all he does on tv as a commentator and host of his own show. I admire David Axelrod too, as well as John King, Jake Tapper, and all of CNN’s reporters who try to make sense of the Trump era bullshit.

Van Jones also is racially blind, he doesn’t care what color you are, he is worrying more and more about what happens to all of us, more than anything else.  David Axelrod is the same way , color blind and only wanting to improve the world, the reporters of CNN do their reporting no matter what color you are, what party you belong to and they don’t stop because your democrat or republican, black, white, yellow or red. They report facts and then let even foolish Trump supporters speak out on the air on their station and news shows.  They give equal time to both political parties, and all issues and yet they get labeled by Trump as fake news. Folks the false news is Fox News not CNN, and they push their bullshit daily, at all of America and get away with it.  Sadly, too many Americans stand still, supporting Trump as he is president when they don’t understand what he is doing to the greatest country on the planet, he is killing us. They are blinded because they were angry with Hillary Rodham Clinton and didn’t want her in office as President, but they made the wrong choice folks, you all really did, the ones who elected this man in. Not only are you now, suffering like the rest of us, more so now though because of Trump’s tariff threats, those who voted for him in the center of the country will lose jobs, and money next. China is not stupid, they aimed right at the Trump States that got him elected. You suffer now as the rest of us are, and in the end if you have a brain you will push to Impeach Trump.

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