Cross Roads have hit, It’s Time Congress

A Question for members of Congress, both Houses, Senate and House, Don’t you think it’s time the Fiasco of a Trump Administration, in the constant state of flux and scandal, should be ended? Here is a man going on 15 months in office and with a turnover of over 100 people in his administration already, who listens to Television News and Commentators and counts on FOX News for Advice destroying our nation.

I bring this up now for obvious reasons of course, we have his affairs being aired daily with Stormy Daniels, and Karen McDougal, then we have constant changes in the Administration and a Government running on bare wheels here and no one is standing up and talking about Impeachment, why?

Let’s do a simple comparison here folks, start with Richard Nixon, Break Ins. and firings and then lying and poof he was impeached. I know he had Watergate, and so do you but Watergate was a building he sent a team into to get information on his opponents. The Congress voted to Impeach him on three counts or more, Trump has a lot more they can Impeach him on should.

Clinton, had Whitewater and Paula Jones and Monica Lewinsky  and bam Impeached for lying to the American people for getting oral sex in the Oval Office. Not I remind the American People they impeached the two Presidents Nixon and Clinton, who did a lot more for the American People than Trump ever did and less wrong then he has done. So why are they not writing Articles of Impeachment right now, you tell me.

He Obstructs Justice, he has Colluded with Russia and Putin to get Elected to the Presidency of the United States, 13 Russians are indicted for crimes against the american Political system, Russians attack our infrastructure and no one does a damn thing, attacking out electric and water systems. Russians poured money into the Trump Campaign for President, paying FaceBook, Twitter and Google and others to put ads into key districts and states to get him elected. How the hell would the Russians know where to place those ads, unless told by his people? You Tell me, ok!

Manafort, Gates, Papadopulos, Flynn, and more all charged and indicted for working with Trump’s campaign and the Russians and moving money and laundering it. What the hell is Congress waiting on Impeach him already will you! Now, we have his Attorney’s office invaded by the FBI with warrants and documents seized. Trump then comes on television talking about how it is a crime against America for the FBI to do so. Bullshit!

It’s time, call your Senator or Representative, tell them enough is enough, IMpeach Trump Now!’ I know many fear Mike Pence becoming President, but I will tell you this if he is handed the Office he won’t have the gall to do what Trump has done, and he will be limited I am sure in what he can do, because Congress will be watching him closely. I know many believe Pence is more dangerous than Trump can ever be because he understand writing a law or bill, and he may try to enforce some or create some they can’t or don’t like. But I remind Congress and the Democrats of one thing, mid-term elections in 2018 are coming, and I believe the blue wave is going to take over the House and Senate. Do the American people a favor, Congress do your job, Impeach Trump, start writing the Articles now and lets get him out, before he gives the Russians and Putin the keys to The White House!

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