An Interesting Subject/ American Indians

A while back I wrote a little book of only 41 pages, about a mystery I made up behind Mount Rushmore concerning the Lakota Indians. While it is not a big hit I did receive a review on it that was interesting to me. Of COurse all Authors/ writers love good reviews and I am no exception to that rule and I know it is not a novel, but only a 41 page short, I still am proud of it. Here it is, it was given a 5 star review!

This is an original story that spans generations of Lakota Indians. The main character, Professor Stan Strachen, tells his own story of hidden Lakota secrets uncovered by himself while exploring in South Dakota. It’s told in a first person happening now style. The reader is experiencing everything at the same time as the main character.

This is a entertaining easy short mystery. Page turner. Impossible to predict what’s coming next.

Since writing the story which is I titled The Scepter and Throne Mystery, I have become interested in and fascinated with the plight of  the American Indians who were here before us and driven out by us the white men of the world. We took their friendship first and their help and knowledge and then pushed them out of their own land and country, one nation of Indians at a time. Sadly, the American Indians left, live mostly on reservations, in much the same way as their ancestors did, they maintain their customs and traditions and even their clothing the nest they can today, for they have a great and proud heritage.

I found a second tribe to try to write a story about recently, and to me they are just as interesting as the Lakota’s and they tried to keep their land and lifestyle too but lost, but not without a fight. Each tribe I have read of so far, tried to preserve their traditions and customs as well as their way of life by signing treaties that were never kept to by the white man and the american Government and no one tells their stories it seems, they are a forgotten part of American History, forced to live and die on reservations that have nothing to really live on. Sadly, the white men did to all races the same thing, they practically wiped them out and forced them to live by rules and regulations, destroying their spirits. They American Indians from one coast of America to the other were here first and foremost folks, and they were mistreated and cast aside and treated like garbage and people wonder why, there were the Indian Wars?

Each tribe I have read about had great leaders in the Chiefs they had, from Sitting Bull, to Chief Joseph the Elder to Chief Joseph the Younger in Oregon. Sadly, being Chiefs did not saving their people, nations or lands, because they and their people were outgunned and outmanned by the white people. Yet their stories are indeed fascinating if you read them and I encourage all to do so, for the acts, of the American Indians, show how brave they really were, how well they fought back and how they tried to negotiate peace for their people and all they wanted was to be left alone to live off the land. Sadly, as history has shown, they lost their wars and battles, even as bravely and proud as they fought, yet, I don’t want anyone to forget the American Indians that spanned this land before we did, and that taught the white man to plant food, and kill animals and how to survive in a rugged land, and they should never be forgotten!.

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