The Trump Fiasco !!

The fiasco that is Trump is growing and getting wildly out of control and Congress still is not reacting, or drawing up Impeachment Charges why? What does Congress fear so much that they are letting a sitting President get away with so many things?

First he is bought and owned by Putin and the russians, they paid to get him elected, if you don’t believe what I am saying here, just ask yourself the following question,  How did the Russians know where to target the ads they ran in the Blue Belt, how did they know what districts and towns and counties to hit with those ads that got Trump those states? Answer that one folks!

Second he has isolated America from the world in many ways, Paris Environmental Accord gone,  isolating us from NAFTA, and building a wall on America’s southern border suddenly, after an open border has existed there for the whole 247 years of America’s existence, please explain why? This country is a country of immigrants so why stop the flow now when it was such flow that made us so strong in the first place?

Why do we have to put up with a President with so many sexual scandals we can’t get them off of our television screens daily? Stormy Daniels, Karen McDougal, and others, getting paid to stay quiet, why? Tell me folks, why is America allowing this to happen and why is Congress not reacting?

Collusion with Russia alone is a treasonable crime under the Constitution folks, but now add in Obstruction of Justice, his confrontations with Former FBI Director Comey, his so called Attorney caught up in illegal acts and getting ready to be charged or indicted in New York and we have an avalanche of bullshit he should be impeached for. So what is Congress afraid of, you tell me?

Here is my opinion of Trump as a Voter and American Citizen, Trump believes he is above the law and can do as he pleases, it is shown daily in his attitude,speech and tweets. He ignores advice from his Secretaries and others he hired, wants to use the Justice Department to hide his own crimes and those of his cronies, and acts like the Godfather from the Mafia or MOB.  He keeps a Attorney for rough or hard times on call 24/7 to rush in and hand out payoffs and get him out of problems as needed. He acts like a mobster running a family from the White House isn’t it time someone stopped him?

Sean Hannity, Jack Kingston, Stephen Coates,Ben Ferguson, Jeanine Pirro and others ignore the proof of his crimes whether misdemeanors or felonies they blindly defend him, just repeating his words to defend him. I wonder why, you can see so many defending him saying the exact same things he says all the time, like a prepared script, don’t you?

In the end here is my opinion of the 45th President of The United States, he is a fool, a criminal, an obstructer of justice and he did in fact collude with Russia and is compromised by the Russians. Whether he got into sex acts and was peed upon or watched women in russia pee on each other, I don’t care, but I am sure he is compromised by the Russians, he doesn’t say anything or do anything to stop Russia or Putin from doing what he wants in the world, it is sad. Russia is an enemy of The United States not an ally, so why is he protecting Putin and Russia? You Tell Me?

I have lived now 62 years going on 63, I have am old enough to have seen Presidents since 1960 when John F. Kennedy was elected in. I have one thing to say I have never seen a President with less of a moral compass. less ethics, less empathy, less knowledge, or ability to conduct himself in a Presidential manner than President Donald J, Trump. He has no care or feeling about anyone other than himself, he is narcissistic, loyal only to himself and dangerous not only to America but the world too. It’s a sad, sad Presidency we are witnessing these days, and it is one tearing down the moral, ethical, logical basis of American democracy one step at a time, and if Congress leaves him in office till his term ends America will be a lost, empty shell of a country, when he finishes. I tire of fools who blindly support him, and never stop to go maybe the other side is right and there is a big problem here, the blind will lead us over a cliff to save Trump’s ass, don’t let them do it Congress step up take charge, write the Impeachment Articles and stop this madness! It is Time! Collusion alone is treasonable, Obstruction of Justice is Impeachable, Laundering of money is illegal, so why Doesn’t Congress cease this Presidency? Only one reason is possible they fear Pence more than Trump! Whatever happens I know this much, Trump’s Presidency will go down in history as the most damaging, corrupt one in American History and he will be wrote up as the worst President in american History Period, he should be labeled America’s Fiasco!






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