Impeach Trump, Congress wake up!!!!

Articles of Impeachment should be written for the following:

1) Obstruction of Justice

2) Collusion with Russia

3) Laudrying of Money

4)  Incompetence

5) Breaking of Promises and Lying to The American People

If for nothing else he should face charges for the 16 or more women he sexually         harassed and abused. Plus he should be held responsible for the Stormy Daniels Affair, the Karen McDougal Affair, the payoffs for both and the doorman at his home.   He has isolated America, worked in cahoots with Russia to get the American Presidency, bought and paid for by Putin. If you don’t believe he  colluded with Russia, ask yourself one question, How did the russians who paid for the ads that hit the Democratic Blue Belt in the 2016 Presidential Election even know where, to spend the money and pace the ads, if it was not the Trump Campaign  that told them where to place the ads. Answer that one and you have collusion for sure, just trace the cash.

The following Individuals will face jail time already for Trump, and for him getting to the White House or criminal records. Paul Manafort, Pappadopoulis, Gates,Cohen ,Flynn, and others. Roger Stone, is next in line as will be Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner and I am sure if they can reach they will get Ivanka Trump too. He has ruined all these lives and 13 Russians are under indictments already from the Mueller Investigation. How many more will go down the tubes so Donald Trump can have his way, and destroy the country, and feed his selfish ego?

Americans should now contact their Congressmen and women or Senators and demand Impeachment Articles should be drawn up immediately. Call them, E-mail them, contact them online and in social platforms make them hear your voices, if you don’t Americans, our democracy and republic of a country will be slowly shifted to a communist country, Trump is taking us there slowly, attacking the media, supporting guns and not acting on them, showing no empathy for victims of war or gun violence, building a wall we don’t need between us and Mexico, using American troops to guard a border depleting states funds doing so. Pulling out of the Paris Accords, NAFTA isolating us economically and politically, why?  Angering Canada, China with tariffs, and others, making them worry what is coming next and in the end not saying or doing anything to Russia for their constant meddling in our election process or other countries also. Nothing telling them to get out of Syria period and stop supporting Assad. Don’t’ you think it’s time Americans?

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