How Low Will Trump Make America Go!

Like many across America, I wonder how low President Donald J. Trump will drive America in the world? He isolates us from the world by withdrawing us from NAFTA, The Paris Environmental Accord or Pact, slaps tariffs on steel and aluminum, kills Obama Care without providing any alternative that works for the poor or everyday working individuals. Has hired and fired more cabinet members than any President in American history and the revolving door of the White House and Trump Administration is not done spinning I am sure. Someone please explain why?

On top of the above, he and his campaign, colluded with the russians to get him elected to office, if you say not so fast to that, then you need to explain how Putin and The Russians who paid for numerous ads on Facebook, Twitter, and Google and other online websites knew where to place their ads and direct them to.  How did the Russians who paid for these ads, even know where the Blue Belt of The Democratic Party was, please explain that one unless someone told them and pointed them in that direction?

Let’s count some heads now in the Collusion and Obstruction of Justice Investigation of Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller and his investigations. Michael Flynn, pled guilty to lying. Paul Manafort under indictment for money laundering and more. Papadopoulos pled guilty and cooperating with Mueller, Gates pled guilty to lying, 13 russians indicted for lying and collusion. Tell me now thats 17 alone right there, arrested and indicted and some pleading guilty and cooperating. but there was no collusion right, wrong, Donald Trump Jr. Manafort, Kushner all met with Russians on that July 16th in Trump Tower, why and what for? What did Donald trump JR. say, it was about adoptions first, then oh there’s nothing to it, then when they found the russian lawyer and her assistants involved the story was it wa snot but an offer of inform on Hillary Clinton they were offering and they didn’t accept any of it right? Bullshit!

Further we go,President Trump himself fires James Comey after Comey refused to back off the Michael Flynn Investigation at his request.  Then he fires Sally Yates and makes her go, why? I am not sure anymore but she is a causality of it all. Trump is mad and pissed off cause Jeff Sessions recused himself from the russia investigation, and he wants to fire Sessions for it but can’t, why, cause Congress will freak out and Impeach his ass if he has no just cause to do it. Rod Rosenstein has to be in charge of the Russian Investigation now and he appoints Mueller with broad powers to find the truth. President Trump doesn’t like this one and swears up and down constantly No Collusion, No Obstruction, end the Investigation it’s a big democratic way of getting even for them losing the election to him. Never have I heard a President bullshit the American People so much in my life. Personally folks I am remembering an old saying here as I write this: Methinks He doth protest too much for an innocent man!. Don’t you?

15 months after the investigation started it still goes on and on and Robert Mueller quietly assembles information, evidence and a case for obstruction of Justice and Collusion which is not really a crime under the law, except for one thing, collusion would mean treason by Donald J, Trump, Donald Trump Jr., and all who worked on Trump’s campaign for office especially those at the July 16th, Trump Tower meeting. Now Trump has his son and son in law involved in a massive crime and cover up here and has ruined their lives and by way of inclusion and marriage without knowing it his daughter Ivanka’s too.  Not to stop and think of the damage to his own child, his own wife who he cheats on whenever he can.

We have the women coming forward 16 so far not including Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal whom he had Cohen pay off for him to keep them as secrets so he could get the White House, but also a doorman at his own building where he lived. Sad isn’t it, it’s like what the hell is wrong with this picture Americans?

He brags on television of no collusion or obstruction but, he also wants the investigation gone why? Why would he want it gone so back that he would threaten to fire Sessions, Rosentien and Mueller if he did nothing wrong? On top of this his so called fixer, his attorney Michael Cohen fixed the Stormy and Karen and Doorman deals right for him, by them receiving money one for 130,000, one for 150,000 and thousands for the doorman too, where did that money come from folks, and if Cohen mortgaged his home to pay Daniels off, do you think he didn’t want the money  back from Trump and Trump didn’t pay him back, be real now. What Attorney with any brain would give up 280,000 dollars to pay off two women for one man and not want the money back? Would you if you were the Attorney who paid it not want it back in some way? You Tell me?

Now after all has happened, I mentioned above and suddenly Michael Cohen’s offices are raided by the FBI and all files taken, including paper, and electronic, don’t you think, Cohen will be indicted at some point soon enough? I do, and when he is and charges brought for money laundering, and more, don’t you think a man with children and a wife, won’t make a deal to save himself from 30 years in jail, I do.

Still don’t believe in collusion and Obstruction yet, how about The Democratic Committee now filing a suit for defamation against Trump’s campaign, Manafort,  Stone, Trump and all in the Trump Tower on July 16th for that russian meeting? Including WikiLeaks and it’s founder and the Russians too to boot.  Interesting isn’t it? I think so!

Well here is a good one for you to think about if your a Republican, why are so many Republican not running for reelection in 2018? Where are they going and why, the excuses or reasons all vary, but how much you want to bet most know a democratic blue wave is coming and they can’t win because they backed Trump. Even Paul Ryan the Speaker of the House is quitting, that should tell you all something, if you have any brain or intelligence. That’s what  I say.

Here is even a better question for all to stop and think about, why can’t a sitting President of the United States, find a lawyer in Washington, Dc , a town full of lawyers, to help defend him against the Russian Probe led by Mueller. Tell me that one folks, I know one thing if i were lawyer and he called me i would run the other way. he lies to his lawyers, he doesn’t take their advice when they tell him to not talk, sad , sad, sad. Now he brings in Giuliani as one of his Lawyers and hopes he can negotiate an ending to Mueller’s Investigation for him. Everyone knows who Giuliani is and what he has done in his life, and many know he knows Mueller himself, but just because he does, doesn’t mean for one second Mueller will drop the investigation of end it because he asked him too. If he wants the investigation shut down, and thinks he can make Mueller do that because he knows him, he and Trump I am sure, will be shocked when it doesn’t happen.

Let me say this as an American Citizen for all Americans to hear loud and clear, in my opinion, this is the worst American President in the 247 year old history of our country. Lies, corruption, collusion, obstruction all a part of his Presidency, and it is getting worse each day, COngress does not act to impeach him. Sadly, Congress is failing the people and the country and constitution if they don’t react soon and start writing Impeachment Articles.

Andrew Johnson was Impeached for less, Richard Nixon was Impeached for less and so was William Jefferson Clinton, yet not one member of Congress has the balls or audacity, or guts to call for Trump’s Impeachment as of yet, Why? I will tell you why America they are all republicans controlling Congress and they are scared of Trump and mostly scared of having Mike Pence as President, Pence knows how to write bills and laws, Trump doesn’t and no one knows how Pence will act if it happens. The bottom line, is this it’s easier to keep an idiot in office who doesn’t know how to do anything and control him, then it is to put someone in office who knows how to get things done, but the latter would try to write bills and laws and get it done the former can’t. End of discussion and due to those reasons Trump remains in office.

A few other Questions come to mind that Congress should address, what is Jared Kushner doing working in the White House without a security clearance? What is Ivanka Trump doing there without a security clearance? And why hasn’t Congress acted on removing them? Does anyone have an answer to those two questions?










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