The American Indians Support Them, they did the White man!

Before the white man, invaded America and created the United States, the American Indians owned it, lived on it and preserved it. They worked the land farming it and hunted it’s animals to eat, but not for fun or adventure or sport. They spanned the whole area that is now the United States all tribes of different names, but honest, and true to each other. They fought only when pushed or necessary, they lived in tee pees and caves and made homes for their families, the best they could. They were indeed homesteaders and migrating peoples. They protected the animals, they protected the land and when the white man came and dropped pestilence and illness and diseases on them, they didn’t drive the white man out or try to kill us, they sat down, talked to us, and helped us fight illness, the weather, droughts and taught us how to farm and live in peace. The Indian nations in America didn’t want any fighting between themselves and the white man they always sought peace, but the white man was and is greedy, the more they had, the more they wanted, so they pushed and pushed the American Indians back, to areas they had a hard time living on. The American Indians disappeared heading west and joining other tribes to survive, and everytime they did the white man chased them, further and further away and then, they forced the American Indians of all tribes to surrender to them, by keeping them on reservations like animals. The white man who came from europe, is responsible for the end of the Indian nations. Sadly, today the American Indians are still on reservations in certain areas of the United States and treated as second class citizens, that’s what the white men do to those they fear or don’t understand, they drive them out and kill them off.  Greed, fear and violence drive the white men and because of it, the American Indians who were here first are an endangered people in the world, it’s sad. They have knowledge, traditions and customs, that the white men don’t, they are a spiritual people and have great pride. America needs to face the fact and recognize the American Indians for their contributions to american Society and Survival as well as the fact they were here first and it was their place not the white man’s. Geronimo, Sitting Bull, Chief Joseph the First and Chief Joseph the 2nd, and so many others who  led the Indians Nations from coast to coast in  deserve to be recognized, admired and understood for all they did.  General George Custer died because he forced the American Indians to fight back, he tried to wipe them out at  Little Bighorn, against the   Cheyenne and Dakota Sioux. They didn’t ask for the battle and statues of Custer are up, in America, but no one has statues of American Indians such as the Chiefs of  Indian tribes who fought honorably, won and lost eventually do they? In the end, the American Indians from coast to coast of the United States all Tribes, should be cared for, given health care and help to survive. They need support to survive, they gave the white man the support he needed to live on this land and they deserve it in return. Don’t we owe the American Indians a thanks for helping the white man survive on this land? You Tell Me?


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