As the Dominos fall, President Trump!

When Donald J, Trump came into office on January 21st, 2016, the dominos were aligned to get him there, by carefully laying certain people in certain spots to do certain things. As all know no American President is elected on his own merits or his own skills and Donald Trump is in this case the worst man to ever hold the office of The Presidency.

His domino’s started falling immediately after he assumed office. Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort, Bill Gates. George Papadopoulos, started the avalanche that is still going on today, uncovering the flaws in Trump and his Presidency. Over one hundred people have been fired or resigned from Trump’s’ Administration in under 16 months.  They come and go like the White House was built with a revolving door in it. Left and right they go, in one door and out another, sadly no Presidency can run with all of this happening. Trump’s shell game con is falling apart.

Let’s talk Collusion first. first question for all, how did the russians who spent the money on ads during the Campaign, know where to spend the money they did and place the ads they did? The answer is the only truth there can be, Trump’s  people told them where the Democratic Blue Belt was. It’s the only way they would really know, stop and think on that one. So Collusion is a factor here, not only because of the Trump Tower meeting with the russians, but, because of the ads placed and money spent.

Obstruction of Justice, simple again, it starts with Trump asking Comey to leave Flynn alone and let him be if possible. He had no business going there with The FBI Director. He Fires Comey and Yates then just continues along doing his thing always blocking any investigation into his crimes in any way he can. Let’s face facts folks, this man cons his way thru and has no real talents or knowledge of standing, he brags about his education, but let me remind you a Business Education is not a formal College Education it just for running a company not a country. I laughed when he bragged about it, for Wharton is nothing more than a business college, to manage a business period and any community college could teach you the same.

13 Russians indicted by Mueller and the Russia Probe, that’s a fact, now why bother to indict them, simple it proves they all had a hand in Trump’s election to office in someway. Money Laundering and how the money was spent that came from russia and where to put it. Sad really, for Trump thinks he is brilliant and he isn’t the trail is the money, period. Follow the coins and bills Mueller, it takes you right to Russia. Facts are facts as CNN says, just follow them.

Now we have had presidents with sex scandals in Office before Mr. Trump, but none so brazen as to not defend themselves against what they did to the women they had. Trump is denying the whole thing calling Stormy Daniels a liar, and ignoring Karen Mcdougal too. How about the 16 women who have accused him of being a sexual predator and harrissing them, they all are lying right, wrong!. It’s all how Trump works folks, it’s his modus operandi  sadly. I got money, I am rich I can grab any bitch that’s his way of thinking, it’s sad, women are downgraded and treated like meat around him for his enjoyment. Sad isn’t it?

Now Trump’s Attorney Michael Cohen is under investigation, his offices are raided, his papers and electronic information and devices taken and confiscated. This so called attorney has only three clients folks stop and think about that. One he helped to pay a woman for an affair and pregnancy over a million dollars to stay quiet,  The second who is a political mouthpiece for Trump on FOX NEWS as fox calls it, who has bilked America out of HUD Money to buy millions of dollars of properties and is getting away with it. Then we have Trump as the biggest Client he has,  a man accused by 16 women of sexual harassment,  who paid one woman 130,000 dollars and another 150,000 dollars to stay quiet about their affairs with him!. He publically bragged about grabbing women, and that he thought they let him get away with it because he is rich and famous, it’s on tape folks. This the President the Republicans and Trump Supporters are  holding up as a bright shining light, right?

I am waiting because I know it will come, Donald Trump Jr, Jared Kushner and the others in the Trump Tower meeting will be indicted I am sure it is only a matter of time, for they conspired against the United States by meeting with the Russians that day. It was a coup over the American Government and its people to get Trump Elected by the Russians. Money flowed, meetings were held, discussions had and bam, all of a sudden, The BLUE BELT of the Democrats turns red on election day? So many millions spent by the russians to place all those ads, why? Shouldn’t someone ask that question and answer it?

Recently as time has moved along, we see the President, Protest the Cohen Investigation in New York, the Russia Probe by Mueller, threatening to fire, Sessions, Rosenstein, and others to stop it all. Roger Stone is under investigation now and will probably fall upon his sword himself for Trump, stupid if he does.  So many are going to fall for Trump to remain in office, including Trump Jr., Ivanka his own daughter, her husband Jared Kushner and more. Trump doesn’t seem to realize the precarious position he has placed his own children in. If they get and indict Donald Trump Jr., which is right where I would go with the Trump Tower Meeting if i were Mueller, they get Kushner who is laundering money also and got loans while in the White House, they get to Ivanka and your grandchildren  who will have no parents left Donald.  It is coming all so you could be President and get the glory of the title, and brag on it right? You are destroying your life, your children’s lives and your son in law’s life also. Got a brain, if I were you I would send Ivanka, and Jared home to New York now. You can’t protect them and yourself forever.

The dominos have begun to fall and they are going to lead right to you, I hope you feel great about all the lives of people you loved and used to get you the White House, and what you have done to them all. You cheated contractors to build buildings, suppliers you paid pennies on the dollar, and your corrupt as all hell.

The dominos are falling one by one, the next one could be the one to topple your ass ! It’s like a new daily Soap Bopper on Television, I call it As The Dominos Fall, Mr. Trump!











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