Trump to Crowd, Vote My Party or They will Impeach Me!

Has any American in American History, ever seen or heard of a American President having to tell the American Voters: If you don’t vote for my party come the midterms,  I will be Impeached ? Pretty sad to be coming from an American President’s mouth as a midterm pitch to get re-elected isn’t it? 

Why bother if your innocent? Why not just  let the Russia Probe finish and disappear into History? He can’t because he knows he’s guilty and they will get him soon enough in the end is why!.

I feel sorry for those who worked so hard to get his ass elected in the first place, who must now face the end results of what they did for him and he doesn’t care one bit. Michael Flynn, Papadoulis, Manafort, Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka and Jared Kushner, Roger Stone, 13 Russian agents indicted and more to come, but he’s not guilty of collusion? Bullshit!

Let’s talk Obstruction of Justice, Mr. Comey can you see yourself to clearing and leaving Michael Flynn Alone? Sally Yates fired, Comey Fired, over 100 hundred people in and out of his administration from fired to resigned and he wants to be on Mount Rushmore? Mr. Trump your lips couldn’t even kiss the ass cheeks of America’s Worst President never mind Mount Rushmore, you suck!

Is Telling the American People, Vote my Party in October in April of 2018, if you dont They Will Impeach Me, a great cry to get Re-elected? 

I think not folks, it not only is sad to hear a sitting President say it publically, but it sure as hell sounds like a President who knows his ass is in trouble doesn’t it? You tell me America, how far will you let this continue before you get your Senators and Congressmen and Women to push for his Impeachment and to Write the Articles of Impeachment needed to remove him from Office and send him home, like they did Richard Nixon, for he is worse and more complicated and involved then Nixon was.

One last word I shall give to all Americans on this one, and this is the most serious thing of all, the hell with the sex scandals and his infidelities, answer this one, Isn’t, collusion with Russia and working with Russia to get elected President also an Act of Treason? Think about it, your running for President of The United States and you collude with Russia and accept their money and help to get elected?  You use their help and money to buy votes on Facebook, Twitter and Google and make promises to them, and you get elected? Sad. it is worst treason then Benedict Arnold in the Revolutionary War folks. Donald J. Trump is a Benedict Arnold , a traitor to his country and a draft dodger too. He needs Impeached and removed and even jailed if it can happen.




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