Second Benedict Arnold in American History!

Since the Election of 2016, when Donald J. Trump won, the changes that are happening in America, can only be defined as Isolation Tactics and controversial acts by Trump. Lets start at the beginning, even before he was elected, let’s look at what was going on, at Trump Tower in June 2016.

A Meeting is held in Trump Tower, led by Donald Trump Jr., Paul Manafort, and Jared Kushner, who all rush in to meet with Russians to get dirt on Hillary Rodham Clinton.  The gathering of these individuals is important to the whole discussion, what were so many russians doing in Trump Tower and are we being led to believe Donald Trump himself didn’t know of this meeting, because if that is what they want us to believe it’s bullshit, he knew because his son does nothing without daddy knowing!.

Next Donald Trump Jr. meets with a Qatar Representative in Trump Tower and another Russian in August of 2016, money flows and offers are made to help Trump with ad campaign funding. Is it accepted the only way to find the answer is what the Special Prosecutor is doing gather the money trail and follow it. MUeller is doing just that folks and the more he follows it the worse it gets for Trump. Russians dished out millions and so did russian allies such as Qatarians, to get Trump in Office, why is that?   What was the purpose and reasoning behind Russian and Putin, the Qatarians and others who are russian allies, paying and donating to Donald Trump’s run for the Presidency? DOnald Trump JR. lied to the Senate and House of Representatives, he needs to be indicted and jailed.

Donald Trump claims no collusion and yells it loudly so all in the world can hear it daily, why is that? If your innocent, why scream and fight and argue and repeat and do it again and again if you did not do it? I know if I were innocent I would just shut up and let it play out and know they could never get me, or charge or indict me, because I didn’t do anything. Yet, methinks he protests too much and lies too much!.

Some facts here now, The Russia Investigation by Mueller has indicted 13 russians, charged Manafort, Gates,Papadopulos, and is now in the process of charging more individuals than ever before in American Presidential History.  MUeller is reaching for Roger Stone now, Donald Trump Jr., Jared KUshner also. What’s it all about folks, well I will say what I think here and if you think I am wrong that’s fine by me, but, you better be able to prove your theory, that denies mine.

Here is the first clue t the puzzle, Donald Trump went to Russia for his Beauty Pageant that he owned, he tried to build Trump Towers and properties in Russia, contacting russians left and right while there.  Then he comes home and a few years later he runs for President.  He claims he has never met Putin back then, bullshit he did and he will deny it till he dies, but the photos and film will prove otherwise.

During his run for the Presidency, Trump is backed by russian money to the tune of millions upon millions for what ads to get him elected. The russians affected our election and bought the White House for Donald Trump, they were directed by him and his people to pace ads in the Blue Belt Areas, and did so to the tune of millions of rubles and dollars. Why? How would the russians even know where to direct the money they spent if Trump and his people didn’t tell them? You Tell me!

He loses the popular vote to Hillary Clinton not by a few measly votes, but by millions of votes, yet wins the electoral college to get in the White House? Someone was paid off for it to happen that’s for sure folks, no way the popular vote goes Clinton by so many million of votes and he wins, something is wrong here.

Now once elected, he gets in the White House and his first actions are to tear down everything President Obama did. Kill ObamaCare and hurt the Americans it was helping right? Then he fires Sally yates, James Comey, and anyone who disagrees publically with his agenda and ways. He attacks the Justice Department, and then starts isolating the United States from the world. KIlls the Paris Accord, attacks NAFTA, and says we are getting a bad deal by and from our allies in the world, economically and starts up tariffs, that affect China, Canada and other nations who are our allies and have been forever.

The evidence mounts daily that he not only colluded with Russia and Putin and his son did too, but the bodies are falling by the wayside too, as Michael Flynn went down, now so is Michael Cohen, Trump’s so called Attorney and Fixer. Do you really think, MIchael Cohen will not turn evidence and flip on Trump? I would if I were him, he has a wife and children and facing 15 years to who knows how many years in prison, verses giving up information on Trump who abandoned him, and left him dangling in the wind, well, would be no choice for me period. I would talk so I could see my wife and children daily, for sure, and not miss them growing up.

Look, the situation we face as americans today is this, The Russians and putin attacked the American Democracy and our Republic through the elective process and they won by putting Trump in Office. Congress, both  the House and Senate are failing to do a damn thing to stop this mess that is happening and Americans are losing out. Medical Care is being diminished and reduced for the american people, Medicaid and Medicare are under attack and Social Security too. Not all Americans are college educated and well off with big money jobs folks, the blue collar people and those in the lower income areas are beginning to hurt more each day. Don’t you think a man who lies daily to the American People, should be removed from Office and Impeached for High Crimes and MIsdemeanors? Obstruction of Justice, Colluding with enemy, Lying daily to the American people all daily occurrences!.

I understand some things some others don’t here I believe, if this were the Andrew Johnson years, or the Richard Nixon years, or the Bill Clinton years, Impeachment Articles would have been drawn up and Impeachment would be underway already. The problem is, the American People have become weak and have no guts or balls and the we the people attitude has died and become the me me me society and that is sad. Americans have lost themselves and their backbone and so has the Senate and the House of representatives. We suffer because we have weak kneed individuals in the Senate and House of Representative who grew up in the wrong era folks this generation is what I call the Bill Cosby Generation, this is the group of people Cosby stressed to in the 1980s, don’t hit your children, talk to them, they have no discipline or guts and balls to stand up to Trump and it’s sad!. In the meantime Trump starts controlling The Justice Department calling it has Justice Department! Does anyone have the balls to stand up to DOnald J. Trump and tell him, we have three branches of Government for a reason and the Justice Department is one of the Three and it serves the American people just like he is supposed to do as The President and leader of the Executive Branch and Congress is supposed to be the one for checks and balances and to keep his ass in check. What’s wrong is COngress is filled with Republicans only and they will kiss Trump’s ass all they can and protect him, for he is their leader, instead of breaking with him and checking him and correcting him. Kiss assers they be!

Well, the time is coming to pay the piper so to say for the American People and Congress! Gas Prices will rise, jobs will be lost, and Medicare and medicaid and Social Security will go by the wayside and we will be lost with no safety net for our seniors in the near future. Senior citizens will walk into Emergency Rooms across America without insurance the Hospitals will have to eat the cost of serving them and treating them and go under. The system will fail because there is no Insurance left for the everyday blue collar and lower income people in America. Sadly, the rich get richer, just like the tax breaks went to the corporations and the top one percent in America as the lower end get nothing out of the changes. Self Serving is what Trump is to himself and the rich he serves, he doesn’t serve you or I the regular, poor or lower income folks he serves the rich.

By he way, we don’t need a wall on our southern border, and no he hasn’t started building a new one either, the shots of a wall being built on tv, and the news are of the repairs being done to the wall that already exists. No wall will stop Mexicans or the drugs from coming in folks, it hasn’t for 247 years. The drugs will continue to come in, wall or no wall, why simple determination on the part of the Mexican Cartels, they will go under, over or around the damn wall, they don’t care. They will boat the drugs in, to sell them and hook americans, it’s what they do, and no Ice Agents or Border Agents or National Guard can stop them, you want to stop it, you have to kill the Cartels off in Mexico, and here.

In the end, What we have is a bought and paid for President, who is bought and paid for by Putin and the russians, and unless Americans wake up to that fact and remove him from office, we shall continue to be removed from the world stage, isolated and weakened. I state here and now for all to see, President Donald J. Trump needs Impeached, he has committed crimes larger than Andrew Johnson, Richard Nixon and William  Clinton,  so why is he still in Office and not Impeached, you tell me!

Donald J. Trump does not belong on Mount Rushmore, nor does he deserve the Nobel Peace Prize no matter what he does with North Korea, he deserves to have his picture hung on the wall of every Post Office in  the Country as the Second Benedict Arnold in American History!







One thought on “Second Benedict Arnold in American History!

  1. Second Benedict Arnold? Trump wishes. Unlike Cadet Bonespurs, Arnold not only fought for our country, but had a distinguished military career.


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