Memorial Day/ Show Pride and Honor!

Memorial Day is upon us, and I think there are many Americans who choose to forget, instead of remember those who served and gave their lives to the nation we all love. It’s sad that too many Americans, don’t stop and think of those who went and served in the World Wars, Korean and vietnam Wars or even of those who serve today, to keep our nation free, they feel they have the right to freedom and to do what they want and live as they want on American soil and some even burn American Flags. It’s sad when I as a Disabled American Veteran myself who served 16 years, walk down a street or into a store or anywhere and see DIsabled Veterans ignored, pointed at or laughed at by healthy young people. The only reason you have any freedom, if the fact of those who served to protect and defend you, who gave up their lives, their time and there efforts to fight for the rights, you so badly abuse at times. From one Disabled American Veteran for all who served I say this to all, who dishonor the American Flag, who won’t stand for the National Anthem, and all who ignore the Veterans who serve, we didn’t serve because we wanted something for ourselves, while we marched, while we fought, while we sailed the seas, and left our families and loved ones behind, we didn’t do it for ourselves, we did it for the ones we love and the country we believed in, as being the Land of The Free and the Brave. We Protected and Defended, the Democracy and The Republic that gives us the Freedom of Speech, The Right to Bear Arms, and a nation of laws and beliefs that are the best ever in the world, and if you don’t have the respect to Stand for the National Anthem, or to say Thank You to a Veteran or Service Member for what we did and do, or you want to burn an American Flag because your angry, then I think you should leave the country, we all defended and go live in a communist one like Russia! As Veterans all across America, who serve we don’t stand up and beg to be recognized, we don’t walk around in Uniforms and beg for attention, we live our lives like the rest of you in silence and peace, and we made sure you can too, all we want is a Free America where we and our our families, relatives and friends can live in peace  and be safe, Show Some Respect for The Flag, The Anthem and Those who Served, Don’t Disrespect, Show Pride and Honor!.

That said and done, I want to wish all a Happy Memorial Day Weekend! May you weekend be filled with sunshine, beaches, picnic and family and friends. May you breathe clean fresh air, eat healthy food, run and play, dance and laugh, and take a few moments out from all of it, to just say Thank You to All Who Gave All to Keep America Free!

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