Suggestion to President Trump and The Veterans Administration

President Trump recently sent out a email and text for suggestions on what people would like to see him do for them, while President.

My Suggestion is as follows: 1) Build more Veterans Hospitals, the ones you currently have are overloaded, crowded and doing the best they can, yet, they can’t keep up with their Veteran Patients needs on a constant basis. They Need Help!

2) Many Veterans are not close enough to the current Veterans Hospitals for Medical Care Emergent and Non-Emergent, I suggest that for all Veterans who are over 50 percent disabled, you change their Veterans Identification Cards to Cards that allow them to go to Public Hospitals and Emergency Care Centers for treatment, when they can not travel to Veteran Hospitals. I live in an area where my ride is 45 minutes one way to the nearest Veterans Hospital, and in emergencies, I got to Emergency Rooms in Civilian Hospitals as is the current program the Veterans Administration has. Well the problem is the Hospitals that are civilians, send the bills to the Veterans, and they are crazy prices we can’t pay on Disability checks. So we end up sending them to Veterans Administrations Offices to get paid and they are slow and argumentative and they either get paid very slowly or not at all. In the end you are putting the Veteran patient under the stress and tension of having to call people numerous times to get it paid and taken care of. I was lucky with my last one and called my Senator who got involved and got it paid for me.

 If we had Identification cards that specified, We are Veterans 50 percent or better disabled and covered under The Veterans Administration for treatment at Civilian Hospitals  or Emergency Clinics Nationwide. you would decrease the burden on The Veteran’s Hospital’s, decrease the stress and tension on the Veteran Patients needing help, and have the medical cost also leveled and controlled they can charge us under the plan. They would know when we go in and provide the Identification that we are Disabled Veterans over 50% Disabled and covered by the Veteran’s Administration and that they can submit the paperwork for the treatment and payment to the Veterans Administration. Thus ensuring them their money for treating us Veterans in the end.


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