Question, is it ok, if Trump was bought and paid for by Russia?

Yes I am asking this question and yes it is an honest one to ask the American Public before we go into the Mid-Term Elections in November of 2018.

Somethings must change in order for America to have free elections once more and to ensure the validity and integrity of the American President.  First and foremost is the campaign contribution laws and regulations.   At no time should money from a foreign nation be allowed to back any candidate in the American Presidential Election. The fact that Russia bought and paid for Ads on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and directed those ads to the Blue Belt Areas, buying votes not only in the popular number but also in the electoral numbers and gave Trump the White House should say it all. Sadly, we are stuck with a  paid and owned stooge of Russia and Vladimir Putin. The proof shows in all Trump does and the friendly relationship he keeps trying to show by kissing Putin’s ass everyday he is in office.

But, now the Inspector General of The Attorney General’s Office wants to chase down the emails that belong to Hillary Clinton from the 2016 election, what the hell for? She is done, she lost the election and will not run again, I don’t care how angry she is or upset, or why Trump wants this done, it’s wrong, she isn’t the one sitting in the White House daily lying bold facely to the American People, Trump is.

I tire of hearing how Trump wants a citizen who ran against him for the Presidency Arrested and indicted and jailed, what good would that do the American People or him? Nothing! If anything Hillary Rodham Clinton should be praised and honored by American Women and the American People everywhere for her work on trying to break the glass ceiling, and opening the door for other women to run and possibly be American Presidents. This crap of arresting and indicting your political opponent is one straight out of the Communistic and Russia playbook of Putin. It stinks of Aristocratic and Communist tendencies growing in American Politics as brought forth by Trump and Russia and Putin. Where is America heading, are we heading toward a communist regime and future or will we remain the Democracy of the World, with Freedoms like , Free Speech, Religious choice, Laws and choices or be stripped of it by Trump and his Russian Colluders? If America continues down the path Trump is taking us, we will be isolated from the world, and looked at as fools for trusting Kim Jung Un and laughed at by Allies we have had for centuries. The Tariffs Trump has put in place and that are now being retaliated back at us by our allies and others will destroy the American status and economy in the world, why doesn’t Congress have the balls to stand up and tell him so and stop him? We are now in June 2018 the November 2018 election is ahead of us, and we should all work hard to remove the stain on America’s reputation and position in the world, Donald J. Trump.

If you are watching the indictments are growing, the charges mounting, the Mueller investigation is growing and building evidence, soon it will be released and put before Congress, and when it is Congress will have no way they can not react, with Articles of Impeachment against Donald J. Trump the proof is in the can and just waiting to be opened up, like a can of stink on shit. It’s going to happen, ask anyone who follows the news on Television or in the papers or in the internet. He can only hide so long and run like the Benedict Arnold coward he is. America suffered from one Benedict Arnold folks, the real one in the Revolutionary War, he sold secrets and information about America to the British and ended up, forced out of America and to die a lonely bastard in England wearing not the Red Coats of the British but The Blue Coats of the Americans because he regretted what he did. Trump, needs to go and be rode out of Washington and the United States on a pole, tarred and feathered and made to go live with his Russian cohorts in Russia. Is it right he was bought and paid for by Putin and Russia and Americans were bullshitted to and lied to, for him to get the Presidency? No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is my opinion, and I have a right to it and to speak and write it as I please, under the Second Amendment rights I have being an American. If you don’t like it, dont read it, if you do like it spread it. But remember this, no matter what, men and women of America will say the same or close to the same things I am now and no Summit with Kim Jung Un will change Trump’s status in the world’s eyes or American’s eyes when it is over.  Kim Jung UN got what he wanted, a place on the world stage and a photo op with the American President, we got nothing. Does he deserve a nomination for Noble Peace Prize, nope, will his face be enshrined on Mount Rushmore, nope, what he will get is put down in history as the most disgraced, inept, unintelligent, man ever elected to the office, a fool, When he does leave office, you can bet he will die a lonely isolated individual, just as Benedict Arnold and Richard Nixon did, before him. For a man bought and paid for by Putin and the Russians has no place in American History or in the Presidency.




3 thoughts on “Question, is it ok, if Trump was bought and paid for by Russia?

  1. No the fact that Hillary was a lousy candidate was the reason she lost, not because of any ad money. She did not go to the rust belt states to campaign. She thought name recognition would be enough.


  2. they have nothing to do with Russian collusion. Money laundering,lying to the FBI. He’s charged 13 Russian Nationals, and they want to take him to court over it.


  3. Negotiations are still ongoing, he received nothing. Restrictions are still in effect,How much is a photo op worth, still isolated. Think things through before you post.


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