A Crisis Screams Stop!

Good Morning World, as the world turns is an old adage and tv show in American Soap Bopper History, but the title tells a lot to all who watch it. The World will turn no matter what folks, we know it’s a fact we can not control at all. Yet people tend to forget, that as it does turn we interact with one another and in the end we are remembered well after we die for what we did to others when we live. I mention this because, of what is happening in the world today, the detainment of children and families trying to enter the United States, the deaths of thousands in other lands like Syria from gas attacks and weapons that should never be used. How about the thousands killed in North Korea so one man can hold power and be called the Supreme Leader. What of these people who kill others and care not as long as they stay in power?

Sadly I as an American am witnessing for the first time in my life’s history of 62 years, the destruction and torturing of children in the world. We have no right to take children from their parents and to separate  families in the way we are. I remind both the Senate and The House of Representatives, in the past other nations have done what is being done on our southern borders, and look at what history has painted those countries like, and what has happened to them. We are falling apart because both the Senate and The House of Representatives, filled with Republicans has tied their reelection results to Trump’s coattails.  The Republicans in office are wrong to blindly follow Trump and his ways and to allow him to use children as blackmail hostages so he can get funding for his wall, which we don’t really need anyway. Sad!

Each day I wake up and see and hear recordings of children crying for their parents and locked away in kennels in southern states. What kind of madness is gripping America and the White House that such a thing can be done? When will  some people with some guts, balls and brains step up and stop this madness and take action? How long must children who are innocent, sent here by others or their parents to seek asylum, be used as weapons to force the payment of a wall? The children are innocent folks, they didn’t ask to be dragged here, against their will, nor did they do so of their own free will, wake up! Stop the separation of children from their parents, stop the crying, the pain and suffering, halt it now! If you don’t want them here turn them away and send them home, with their parents, dont cage and capture them and hold them like animals. Send them back if you must but stop the torture, mistreatment. This is a crisis that screams to the world and should scream to all in America who have a heart and have children of their own, STOP !




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