VOTE THEM OUT! Stop Trump Now, Impeach Him!

Americans are under attack by their own President, he has attacked and killed ObamaCare, almost entirely, now he is taking aim at Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, is this for real?

What will be left for the average american worker and citizen to fall back on when social security, medicare and medicaid go up in smoke? Where will our elderly go for treatment for common diseases, and the servere ones like cancer? We don’t have the billions Trump has folks, and in the end he keeps taking from the people and giving to the rich in all ways he can. Are Americans willing to let him do what he is doing now, Tax Breaks for the rich left and right, killing medicare and medicaid and social security, disability for those who earned it? What will the people he is willing to rip it all out from underneath do to survive? Where are they going to turn for help, you tell me?

I am a Disabled American Veteran, currently rated at 60 percent due to back injuries of bulging discs. I get my disability from The Military and Social Security Disability to survive and that’s all I have. My wife is dying from cancer, she is stage four breast cancer that has metastasized to her bones, and now must face chemo for the second time in her life to try to stay alive. Without Medicare and Medicaid and Social Security how would we pay to keep her going, we can’t, someone please stop the Trump shit, from happening and start thinking of about the helpless!

I served for 16 years in three separate branches of service, that’s right three. I served the U.S. Army, The U.S. Army national Guard and the U.S. Navy and i am proud of my service in each branch. I trained as a M-88 Tank retriever driver, as a Machine Gunner Scout, and in the end as a Boiler Technician , I went around the world for Uncle Sam, sailing the seas and proudly representing my country everywhere I went. never once did I harm or damage or shame the reputation of my country. I never would for we live in the greatest nation on the planet, at least we always did.

Today America is slipping down the ladder, is no more a leader, no more a country others look to for leadership. We are disgraced by a President who has isolated us from the world. mistreated children and held them as hostages in a blackmail scheme to get Congress to pay for a wall, who also lied about whether or not he can do anything about the separation of children and parents and then suddenly changes it by an executive order he said couldn’t be done!  How long will his temporary fix work, maybe a month if we are lucky? Sadly, 23,000 kids, are locked away in caged and held from their parents, as a weapon to be used against the immigrants they are. For the first time in American History since the Internship of the japanese people in World War Two, America is being looked at and shunned and condemned by the International Community, it’s Allies and Nato, for Trump’s Actions. The Actions are no one else’s except for Trump’s the policy is his, the law he is enforcing was refused to be Enforced by other Presidents before him. What the hell is he trying to prove, that he is Trump the God, or Dictator or King?

America is reaching a crossroads, ladies and gentlemen, do we sit and allow this President, to continue to tear down the values and morals and ethics we built our nation on, or do we fight back and remove him from office, in Impeachment Proceedings?

The Senate and The House have sat on their hands now since January 2017, and let this man run it his way, and they are wearing blinders and allowing him to do as he pleases, why because he is the Leader of the Party that is in the Majority and they are afraid of losing their seats over it. I say this to the Republican Leadership in The Senate and in The House, if you don’t have the gall and guts and balls to stand up to the President and use the check and balances your provided to do so, then you don’t belong in Office Period!

I ask the American People to check your Senators, check your congress People come November 2018, if they are protecting, allowing and defending President Trump and his destruction of America, then VOTE THEM OUT!

If you have had enough lies, destruction, lack of moral and ethical leadership and don’t want to lose Medicare, medicaid Social Security– VOTE THEM OUT!

We sit around lackadaisical and we fluff off what is happening, when was the last time, we as the American People, have had to sit through our greatest Allies, England, Canada, France and others yelling at us and condemning us for actions taken by our President? When have we ever failed to lead the world in diplomacy, relationships, helping others ? Never is what I tell you folks, never have I seen in my 62 years of living America losing face because of one man and Congress not reacting! Vote Them Out! The House and Senate are being lazy and doing nothing! Make them work for a living and earn their seats, they are there to represent you and I, make them do so now!.













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