Illegitimate President Donald J. Trump

To be honest folks, I tire of talking about and writing about Donald J. Trump and his way of being President. Since he entered office in January 2016, his scandals, obstruction of justice and his collusion with the Russians and Putin has taken up the news air waves, radio waves and newspapers and spread to the internet and everywhere you go. His controversies, his political mistakes, his people he hired and used to get elected being prosecuted and convicted and more being indicted is ridiculise.

What’s even more silly and stupid, is the fact Congress is not acting to write Articles of Impeachment, You want to see silly shit, I listed things Trump has done since in office, the people the Mueller Investigation has grabbed, charged and the crimes they have been charged with on Google and here in blogs. and you should see the stupid outrageous things Die Hard trump supporters reply with. They tell me I have no idea what I am talking about, I give them facts, they call me names, I laugh.

It is apparent to me, that Trump may have been right when he said he could shoot someone and they would still vote for him. It’s a sad, sad world. I understand why people didn’t want Hillary Clinton in office, at least their perspective on it, but I will tell you America, you went too far right in choosing Trump, who is unstable, mentally, incapable and neurotic, and sick. He is dangerous to America and the world and still his supporters say, oh he just talks that way, bullshit.

To the die hard supporters of Trump everywhere, the facts say and will prove outright  Donald J. Trump is indeed a bought and paid for President by Russia and Putin. It’s coming folks and no one is going to stop it. You think he isn’t bought and you are a denier of the facts as they come out in bits and pieces, but when Mueller releases his reports to Congress and it is revealed to America ,Donald J. Trump will be shown as the Illegitimate  President he really is.


One thought on “Illegitimate President Donald J. Trump

  1. And yet Trump’s poll numbers keep going up! You do realize Repubs control both houses? You do realize impeachment is a Maxine Waters pipedream? That’s why Democrat leadership told Maxine to SHUT UP about IMPEACHMENT! Why are black/.Hispanic polls going up for Trump? Why is Trump still going strong? CNN and the media is doing their best. But Trump is still standing! Slowly the American people are realizing how feckless Obama was. Suddenly all past presidents seem like big phonies! Such polite speeches. Such respectable demeanor. Such presidential performers! Trump is such a refreshing change from the typical ROBOTIC politician. What exactly did Obama do? I like to watch old Obama speeches when I can’t sleep. Obama puts me out in 2 secs!


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