Second Life is a Game!

Happy Sunday to all!

Today’s topic concerns two things, one is a program/game called Second Life created by Linden Labs and the second is the BDSM Lifestyle, contained within it and in general in the world.

Second Life has been around a long time running sims for people to get lost in and many do get lost in them, they tend to forget they are in a world created with pixels on a computer screen. It’s a game folks, whatever you do, play yes, have fun yes, but remember it is not real life and only used as a pastime, a way to pass the spare time you have, it is not a place to avoid real life, if you do, you will lose what you have in real life.

In Second Life there have been numerous sims built regarding the BDSM COmmunity to play in it without hurting anyone. The biggest problem and why they are disappearing is, people get too mixed up in them, and become too intense and involved and do not remember it is a game made with pixels. No one can force anyone to do anything in Second Life an dit is a game played with pixels and voices only.

Why is it disappearing in Second life it is simple, people come to it because it is attractive with it’s toys and styles and ways, and people flock to it for fun. They want to experience it without a real life effect, or cause and effect. They don’t want to really use these toys and get beat or use oils or food or what can be used, nor do many want to live what is called the Gorean Lifestyle with all of it’s rules in real life. For many it is just an adventure to go into these sims, and give it a try and very few real life people know it and disregard the people trying it in Second Life.

In real life, BDSM is real folks, it does exist and it is done by many of both sexes. As to it dying out or down it is simple, people get scared of it, or they fear it, or the ones involved in it for real, prefer single partners to do it and that is how it is. I see many men and women who believe they are dominant or submissive and in fact they don’t even know what the words mean. It’s sad really and it is not Second Life’s fault nor Linden Labs, but when you open a game up to millions and end up with thousands all running around exploring things many have no idea what they are exploring. Is BDSM dying, no, it is shrinking and protecting itself is all, and it has to to survive for the true numbers of who are involved in it, fluctuate, and adjust to the numbers exposed to it.

Second Life is a decent and fun game, made to be creative, so you can be whoever you wish to be in a world you make up for yourself, or so you can explore worlds made up by others. Not a place to get lost in, lose yourself in and forget your real life and not go back to it.  Real Life takes priority folks, Live Your Lives and remember Second Life is just a past time/ Game.



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