Supreme Court Pick/ meaning! Evidence and More!

Trump will start a new fiasco tonight when he nominates someone for the Supreme Court. The battle will be grueling and hard in the House and Senate. In the end what he is doing by nominating someone now before the midterm elections is forcing or trying to force his nominee through. In the end he will find a battle from the democrats, and I believe some Republicans too, for these nominees he has picked are already vetted on Roe V Wade and other cases and he knows it. He knows everyone of them would voted against Roe V Wade already he doesn’t need to ask them about it at all. Each nominee or name he has brought to the front on his four person short list, is already vetted by other organizations and he knows it! Sadly, because the Republicans control Congress, both Houses and the White House, the Democrats can only hope to delay it, and that will depend on certain Republicans, and if they don’t side with the Democrats it will be over fast. Is America and all of it’s women ready to be told, abortion is illegal and if you attempt to get one you will be arrested and tried in court and serve time if convicted?  What say you women, are you ready to be dictated to, about what you should do with your body and the life you carry in it? I guess we shall see soon enough won’t we now!

While Trump plays with the Supreme Court reforms it in the Republican Image, Conservative, he withdraws America from the world in many ways. The Paris Accords on Environment, NAFTA, and much more while placing tariffs on our Allies, it’s sad. In the meantime he made a fool out of America and himself by meeting Kim Jun Un Face to Face in Singapore, Un got what he wanted, a place on the public stage next to the American President, Trump got nothing in return and Un is laughing at him now. Next up now, he is going to meet with Putin The Russian so called President, a man who controlled and made him President in the first place in 2016. Putin and Russia paid millions upon millions of rubles to get Trump Elected and Trump is doing exactly what Putin wants him to do, pulling us away from our allies and the world, he wants us isolated and Trump is giving it to him.

Should we trust Trump to meet face to face with Putin without another person in the room to witness what happens, I think not. I think Congress should step up and tell him to cancel the summit or force him to have someone with him so a witness can be present to hear all. I don’t know about anyone else and what you think, but, in my mind, any President that is bought and paid for by Putin and Russia should not be allowed to meet one on one with him.

As Mueller and The Russia Investigation keeps going along, and the evidence keeps growing not only from the Mueller Investigation, 13 russians who are indicted, Manafort, Gates, Papadoulis , Flynn and more, plus his stupidity in not helping Puerto Rico from last seasons hurricanes, his withdrawing us from Organizations and Allies, it is apparent to me Putin is winning. Russia is winning and Trump is failing at anything he does. It will only be a short time, till his tariffs backfire on America as is being seen shortly by the China Tariffs in return, the Canadian Tariffs, the Mexico tariffs and in the end the Europe ones too. Sadly the world is slowly turning on us and Trump is making sure it does, just the way Putin wants it.

He screwed up Immigration and the kids and parents got separated and his people don’t even know where half of the kids are and what happens to the ones whose parents were already deported, you tell me. he can’t meet the court deadlines for reuniting these parents and children and in the meantime the kids suffer, separated from their parents. What kind of torture and PTSD will these children suffer from this? It’s sad!

But of course none of the above affects Trump Supporters right, they come on Television backing his every idea and thought blindly like autotrons!. You slap them in the face with facts and they deny them, left and right and it doesn’t matter to them when they are faced later with the facts being right, they still deny. They are blind, atotrons and followers with no brains of their owns to see the light period, it is sad!

I am hoping and praying and so are millions upon millions like myself, that Congress, once it gets the Mueller Reports from The Russia Investigation will Impeach Trump!

Petitions are signed each day, Congress People and Senators here it each day and are called and wrote to online and in emails an din the mail and called. People are pulling at the bits and want him Impeached, but Congress waits for the report from Mueller. I am waiting for it myself and waiting to see him run out of Washington as soon as possible.





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