Impeachment #4/ and The Coming Trend!

Impeachment is not used in America very often!  It was used for Presidents in the past to try to remove them from office. Among those, it was used for is Andrew Johnson in the 1800’s who took over from Lincoln, Richard Nixon in the 1970’s for misuse of Presidental Powers and running illegal break-ins to opponents headquarters. Then came William J. Clinton and he was impeached for lying to the American People, about Whitewater and having an Affair with Monica Lewinski.

Among the three mentioned above, up until this time, Nixon they say was the worst case, to be impeached and forced to resign. That is up until what we face now with Donald J. Trump.

Trump has breached so many laws it is crazy not to impeach him, yet, here we sit today still waiting to see it happen.  This man has manifested hate from the moment he came down in the elevator in Trump Tower and declared his run for the Presidency. He has attacked African Americans, Hispanics and any other race he can in any way he can calling them illegal immigrants and liars and criminals of all kinds. Yet, he is still President why?

What kind of a President lies to the American People about the size of the crowd at his own Inauguration? Then goes on to fire Sally Yates, James Comey and has thirteen Russians indicted, and then has his Security Advisor resign and get indicted for lying. Then goes on to get Manafort, Gates, Popudoupilis, and more indicted for illegal acts when he is running for the Presidency? How is this possible he is still President today, please tell me?

Paying off women not to reveal his affairs with him on top of all of this is sad also. Stormy Daniels, Karen Mcdougal, 280 thousand dollars between them. Sixteen women accusing him of improper sexual advances and he is still President? How?

Now he withdraws us from The Paris Environmental Accord, threatens to withdraw us from NAFTA and isolates us from the world, by placing tariffs on other nations that will destroy America’s Economy, not anyone else’s.  He has angered every ally America has now, Mexico, Canada, Europeans, and more. It has to be rough for Congress to sit back and hear Britain and France say they don’t want him in their countries. I say this because Britain/ England has never, and I mean never voiced concerns like they are now over an American President visiting their leaders and country. Even after we won our independence from Britain they did not act this way! So you tell me what is wrong here!

Congress will have to wake up fast and soon if they want to save our nation. They can not continue to sit and allow this man, to run America down, isolate us and cause worldwide turmoil much longer! I have one word for the Senate and The House of Representative members, Midterms! November is coming quickly folks, the Millenium’s are coming soon, the youth of America will speak in the next election. They are watching, registering and getting ready for the ballot boxes.  It’s coming Republicans, and some say the Blue Wave will hit a Red Wall, but I remind all if that blue wave is big enough and bad enough, it will knock down the wall and overrun it.

The anger is overwhelming in the streets of America, people are angry over lies with Trump and those who back him. People tire of being cast aside and being treated like second-class citizens by Trump and the rich and they will revolt, believe me, it is coming.

We the American People will speak come November 2018, I guarantee it with onions on top! So if your republican and in office and you sat around now for years in Congress doing absolutely nothing but destroying what Obama did, you better leave or retire now. What is coming is not just a Big Blue Wave, it is an avalanche of anger and meanness and it will not stop until it turns Congress Blue in November once more. African Americans, Hispanics, and Asians are tired of being treated like second-class citizens and are about to show President Trump up for what he is a bigot. It’s coming folks, and I remind you, there will be millions of brand new voters in November’s Election cycle, voters who are ready to be heard and waiting to stuff the ballot boxes, with their votes for change. It’s coming folks and you better know it now.




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